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15 Duties That Describe What Does a Payroll Specialist Do

Thursday, October 13, 2022

A payroll specialist has an important part to play within the context of a business. A payroll specialist is the person responsible for getting employees paid on-time and ensuring payroll processing is compliant with all standards and regulations.View post

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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent Buyer: 5 Steps

Friday, October 7, 2022

Most real estate agents have become pretty savvy when it comes to promoting themselves. Between yard signs, online ads, and public benches, it can feel also impossible to pick the phoneys apart from those who really know what they’re doing. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with a real estate agent who has a strong public presence, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right person to help you buy or sell your home or property. Here are some tips to help you cut through the advertising hype and find the right agent for you.View post

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7 Best Paying Commission Based Jobs

Monday, October 3, 2022

There are benefits to working commission-only. The obvious one is that you have the opportunity to have more freedom in your work schedule – the company isn’t paying you, so why do you have to be a model employee? That said, since you’re paid a commission, you have to do a little more than the average employee who gets a handsome hourly wage.View post

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8 Most Common Types of Funding for Startups

Friday, September 23, 2022

Do you have a great idea for a startup? Do you think a particular business needs to be opened in your neighbourhood? Do you consider a new online venture to be a gamechanger in your industry? Whatever it is all about, now is the best opportunity to embark upon your entrepreneurial dreams, particularly from a financial point of view. Money has never been this cheap, and creditors are looking just to give their money away. Even if the idea of using credit to launch a business does not sound appealing, you should look at the many different ways of borrowing cash. You ...

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Top 10 Best Investment Options in Canada

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Are you a Canadian saving for your future retirement? You are not alone. For anyone looking to maximize their financial resources in the future, a series of risk-averse investments where your money is safe is recommended. There are several different investment options in Canada, some of which are pretty standard among Canadians. It’s important to know all your available options, how certain types of investments work in Canada, and common, tried-and-tested ways to protect your savings. Here are the ten best investment options in Canada, as we discuss each option in greater detail:View post

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7 Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Individuals

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Should you file bankruptcy? In times of financial hardships or if you have more debt than you’re able to handle right now, you may be leaning towards bankruptcy protection. Fortunately, bankruptcy isn’t your only option. In Canada, bankruptcy alternatives can be more advantageous and protect you from the consequences of that come with declaring bankruptcy.View post

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