Flipping Domain Names for Profits : A Guide To Make Money Flipping Domains !

Tutorial : Flipping Domain Names for Profits

Lets talk about investing in domain names for profits.

I have made some good money flipping domains and in this article I will share some of my secrets with you.

Here are the subjects I will discuss in this article –
Definitions of domain and domain flipping.
How I made quick money flipping domains?
How to estimate a domains value?
Where to buy & sell domains?

Lets start by giving some definitions.

What are domains ?

A domain name is a human-friendly address.

flip domains
flipping domain is a very quick way to make some money online, when done right.

The Web is built on I.P Addresses : pretty much “strings” of random numbers, that are hosting a website.

Here’s an example – is an IP address for “Google”.

To make the internet more “user – friendly” we use domain names, which are words, instead of typing long strings of random numbers all day.

So instead of typing ” ” you would simply just type “Google.Com” in order to get to google’s website.

A domain is made up of anywhere from 1 to 64 characters, numbers and hyphens followed

by the domain extension (TLD).

What is domain flipping ?

Domain flipping, is buying domains that are priced low / buying domains and adding value to them, then selling them for a higher price .

My 2 Main Strategies to Flip Domains –
1. Buy & Sell : Buying domains that are under-estimated [ back-orders, expired] for a low price, and sell it for a higher price to someone that will need that domain.

2. Buy the domain -Add Value – Sell : Buying a domain, getting more backlinks and adding value to it/ developing a website on that domain and sell both the website and the domain.

In this article I will focus on Buy&Sell strategy, which is a quick and easy way to make money online.

Just like you, I was looking for quick ways to make money online.

I have recently read a book about real estate and house flipping, and thought to myself, well, if you can make flipping houses, I bet you can do so by flipping domain names as well, with way less money and effort. and I did.

I have started my research, and I made money pretty quick.

So, How did I make money flipping domains ?

Simple. I bought expired domains [ domains that people owned, worked on, and failed to re-new], listed them on Flippa, and made quick money.

There are hundreds of ways to make money flipping domains, you can even go to SnapNames.com, buy domains for 69$ [“the drop list ” is pretty valuable ] and then resell these domains for 200-300-1000$ directly to people, or through flippa, sedo, and so on.

The key is BUYING CHEAP, SELLING HIGH thats how you make money.

For instance, PokerTutorial.net is a domain name I flipped for over 700$, bought it for just 69$ in snapenames.com.

Thats 631$ in profit, in no time.

Why did I choose to buy it ? pretty obvious … Poker – Tutorial ? how great is that ?

Heres another quick example on how domain flipping works :

Lets say I bought a domain on snap names, costed me 69$, assuming its called “FashionBlog.com”.

I then google “fashion blogs” and the first results comes up as “fashionblog.net ” ! ha, interesting.

FACT: .com domains are way more valuable than .net domains, and most people who owns websites- know that.

I simply email the owner of “fashionblog.net” saying: “hi mate, I got fashionBlog.com would you like to buy it? ”

chances are he will buy this domain from you.

I know I would.

If I owned “bigbucksblogger.net” and someone came up and said how would like you to buy “bigbucksblogger.com” ? I would definitely buy it.

How easy it is to make money flipping domain ?
Is it really easy to make money flipping domains ? HELL NO.

It’s not easy, it’s SIMPLE, but it’s definitely NOT EASY.

How come ?

Lots of people are doing the same, so its harder to find good domains, you need patience and persistence !

Lets move on to domain name evaluations, or in other words ” how do I find domains that I can sell for more money ?” .


Lets start with finding the right domains to flip, where to find them, and how much you should pay for them.

3. How To Estimate a domain –
To determine the value of any domain name – expired or otherwise, you have to look at


There are very few who can successfully buy and sell domain names based on gut


Use the List Below to Estimate a Domains Value :
TLD? [top-level domain : .com ? .net ? .org? I usually stick to .com, they are the most powerful ones].
CPC ? [cost-per-click, how much people pay to advertise in that specific keyword ]
Domain name’s age [how old is the domain ]
Exact Searches Per Month ? [ use keyword planner to determine]
Backlinks [how many backlinks does the domain has]
DA, PA[ domain age, and domain authority]
These factors, along with sales history and current demand can tell you whether or not a

domain name is valuable, and how valuable it is.

Another way to quickly calculate a domain value is using EstiBot.com.

A domain name with 10,000 exact searches on Google every month with a CPC of $8 is going to be far more valuable to an

end user than a domain with 500 exact searches and a CPC of $1.

Use this data along with sales history and an Estibot valuation to determine the value of a domain.

If you’re buying a domain name for $69 that’s got a $5,000 Estibot value, 1,000 searches per month and a CPC of $3, then you have a good deal.

You aren’t going to find this quality of domain name every day, so patience is key.

Save your money for a domain name that matches all of your criteria.

Another great way to valuate domain is : does the domain name make sense- –

2/3 words “. com/.net/.org” domains, that have a meaning are usually great domains to buy !

MakeMoney.com, FashionBlog.com , HealthGuides.com , all of these are obviously great domain names, that if you can buy for a reasonable price, it will be very easy for you to find a buyer, that will pay MUCH MORE !

Especially in the big, crowded niches, like health, money & finance, sports, these domains are gold. because they are very easy to sell ! there will also be a need for someone, for a domain like “SportsNews.com ” … pretty cool isn’t it ?


There are plenty of place to buy domains.

If you want to buy expired domains, I recommend ExpiredDomains.net, they have a very nice list of expired domains to buy from.

If you are buying dropping domains and want to back-order, you can either you SnapNames.com, or NameJet.com, I personally use snap names.com

You can also buy domains at the same places where you will sell them, because some people will under-estimate their domain, and you can buy it and sell it yourself for more money, I’ve seen that happening many of times.

So look for under-estimated domains at Flippa.com, Sedo.com and all of these domain marketplaces, and DigitalPointForum.

Everywhere. There are so many ways and marketplaces to sell your domains.

I personally use Flippa.com, but you can also use Sedo.com which is very popular for selling domains, you can sell them at tones of forums, my favorite one is digital point forum.

However, I have found that the best way to get a lot of cash for your domain, is to be specific.

If you bought “PokerTutorial.com” , google the word ” poker tutorial” and see what comes up.

E-mail the first 5 websites something like ” I own poker tutorial.com and am willing to sell it, would you be interested ? I think this domain will give a lot of value to your website ” , and it sure would give them value.

That way I personally got higher offers than listing on general marketplaces like flippa, for obvious reasons.

When you are flipping a domain name, you must take into account various transfer

restrictions that registrars have. For example, an eNom.com domain name won via auction

at NameJet may have an auction lock, meaning you can’t transfer the domain name at all

for 42 days.

Lets Wrap It UP –
Domain flipping is a business by itself. There’s simply no way that I will be able to tell you all I know or all there is about domain flipping in one blog posts, but I think I gave you the most critical points and tips so you can successfully make money by flipping domains.

However, feel free to contact me and comment if you have any more questions regarding domain flipping, I’m more than glad to help.

Lastly, Share, Like and spread the love, using our social media buttons below !

I hope you have learned something new about domain flipping today.