Google Algorithm Update May 2016 : You Better Be ( Mobile ) Friendly

Google just updated their algorithm again, and they want us (website and blog owners ) to be more mobile friendly.

It makes a lot of sense, as more and more people are actually surfing their web with their mobile phone.

If your website is already mobile friendly, you’re fine.

If not, however, I recommend you optimize it, if you don’t want your rankings to drop !

What is a ‘Mobile Friendly ‘ Website ?
Mobile friendly simply means that if I were to access your website via my iPhone, I could navigate and won’t see some weird page that is very hard to use.

Your site needs to ‘shrink’ itself to fit the mobile phone of the user.

Bottom line is : you want the user to have the ‘best experience’ surfing your site, and if something doesn’t work because he’s no his mobile phone – you’re doing it wrong.

How to check if my site is mobile friendly ?
What I do is simply navigate through my phone to my website, and see that everything looks good and works.

However for less advanced users ( lol ) I would recommend : this Google Mobile Friendly Test that will analyze for you how mobile friendly your blog or site is .

I ran my blog – through google’s tool and here are the results :

is my website mobile friendly
Yup, my blog is mobile friendly.

As you see, im mobile friendly. simple.

Now to the good news !

Good News if Your Using WordPress !
If your site / blog is on wordpress making it mobile friendly is pretty simple.

Simply get a theme that is mobile friendly.

You can google ‘ mobile friendly themes for XXX ‘ ( replace xxx with your niche, unless you want themes for porn sites..)

And that’s it.

Most themes are already friendly but I recommend you run googles test just to make sure.

So that was just a quick (yet crucial ) update for you…