How To Monetize Your Website / Blog : Maximize Your Profits

Monetization Success : Maximize Your Profits !

This is a followup to the article I wrote on how to set up your own blog, if you haven’t set up a blog yet, go ahead and do that.

One of the trickiest things on making money blogging is monetization.

The right monetization can turn you from a ZERO to a HERO. As simple as that.

So I have included the best ways to monetize your website / blog in this article, to help you cash-out on your online efforts.

How to Monetize Your Website – Common Ways to Monetize –
Before you choose your monetozation-method I would like to say something.

Monetization isn’t a “1-size-fits-all”, and if you will invest time THINKING on what is the best way to monetize YOUR SPECIFIC WEBSITE, you will maximize your profits quickly.

Here are 2 critical things to consider when monetizing your website / blog :
a. Know Your Websites : Are you writing about physical products? if your website is actually a review website for TV’s, obviously you should have Amazon or Commission junction as your preferred way to monetize.

b.Know your readers : What kind of visitors are in your websites ? what are they looking for ? why and how did they end up reading your blog ? these questions are GOLD. think about them, and monetize like-wise.

Considering the above, plus the niche you are in, are critical for the perfect monitization.

One more thing : make sure you TRACK everything !

Check your monetizations regularly, that way you’ll see what WORKS and what not !

If you monetized with adsense and in 6 months you made 3$ even though you are getting unique views, you should probably change the way you monetize ! ! !

Below is a list of the most common ways to monetize your website in 2015 :

· Google Adsense [most popular]

· Amazon Affiliates

· Clickbank [most popular affiliate program]

· Commission Junction

· Linkshare

· Pay.Com

Here are the best ways to monetize your website or blog !

· JVZoo

· Google Advertisers Network

· CPA Offers

· Banner-advertising

· Sell Advertising space on your website

· Link Sales [beware, google might penalize you for that ].

· Selling Products You Have Made

· PLR / MRR products

These are the most popular ways to monetize and make money from your blog or website that I know of and use, as well as many of my online-money-making friends.

Again, tracking is the key. See what works the best for you !

Google Adsense is obviously the most popular way to monetize a website.

Here’s How Google Adsense Work –

Google places ads based on the size you have picked, from different Google Adwords users.

Google adsense is pretty great because they actually changed their algorithm to be super efficient.

Did you ever type in for instance ” buy a watch online ” and saw the same watch commercials “running after you ” on every website you have visited, for a like a week? haha .

That’s googles algorithm. It knows what you have searched for online and therefore shows you the MOST RELEVANT ADS for you. And thats why they are so efficient when it comes to monetization.

In order to squeeze the most out of your website in terms of revenue and profits, make sure you are advertising the right way for YOUR readers.

For instance, lets say you own a fashion blog, and you have advertisements of web hosting… thats obviously not a smart way to convert.

You might make some cash off it, but its not OPTIMAL.

In case of a fashion blog, I would suggest using amazon to sell physical products or selling accessories or anything that a fashion lover can look for online ! be RELEVANT, thats the KEY !

How I made 1500$ in 3 weeks with my Poker Website – Case Study.

Last, I want you to learn from some money I have made in the past, it was a very great monetization technique I have used and you can definitely learn a lot from it.

I had a Poker tutorial blog a while ago, and like everything I do, I have invested tones of time in it, wrote powerful content that actually helped a lot of people…

I then posted about a powerful poker training program I have found online, and the results were OUTSTANDING.

I made about 1500$ in 3 weeks with that post ALONE.

Now let me emphasize something. I believe in value, I NEVER ADVERTISE A PROGRAM I DONT BELIEVE IN, JUST TO MAKE MONEY ! thats wrong, it’s stupid, and its unethical. DONT DO THAT.

I have bought the poker training program myself, read it, and then when I have decided it will bring value to my readers, advertised it.

My readers knew that I never post shitty-clickbank-products just to make a quick buck, and therefore trusted me and bought the program, making me a lot of money in a short period of time.