Make Money Blogging Part 1 : How to Find Your Niche

Make Money Blogging : find your niche.

In the section of make money blogging, I will guide and try to help you create a profitable blog that will give you some income.

We will discuss : finding a profitable niche, keyword & competition research, setting up your blog, SEO, and monetizing your blog for profits.

I have started with finding a niche because I believe picking up the winning niche for you, is a key in making massive money blogging.

It seems tempting to go for the big niches, like “health and fitness ” or “money making ” however, these niches are EXTREMELY hard to make money in, due to the attention they receive from internet marketers that probably have more experience than you do.

I’m not saying you can’t make money writing about health and fitness for instance, I’m saying that it will be MUCH easier for you, if lets say you picked a sub niche in health and fitness.

What do I mean ?

What is the niche that will MAKE you the most MONEY ?
What is the niche that will MAKE you the most MONEY ?

Lets say you are a GYM RAT and would like to write about that.

So instead of picking your niche as ” body building ” you go for ” how to workout for men over 35 ” or something like that.

The key to succeeding in a competitive niche, is targeting a sub-niche that will be more specific and less competitive.

The majority of people who succeed in niche marketing/making money online are the ones who build businesses around their passion, or at least something they know lots about even if it’s a problem niche…

It’s not essential but if you’re new to the world of niche marketing then I’d certainly recommend choosing something you know well instead of a random topic.

Many people don’t realize that there are things they know a lot about that others would also like to read about.

So I always recommend, to pick something you know well, vs. studying a new subject, because your target [im assuming] is to make money blogging. If however you would like to know more about something that interests you, it’s also possible to choose a topic you’re still not so familiar with, and that’s why in the next exercise you will see a section dedicated to “problems you face in your life ” as an option for a niche, because you will be interested in finding solutions and can provide value to others.

I would like to show you 2 exercises that helped me in finding many profitable niches, and will help you too, if you take massive action and actually follow them.

Niche finding exercise #1 :

Pick A topic You Are Passionate About And Familiar With !

Get a paper and a pen. (leave your computer aside.) title it “NICHE BRAINSTORMING ”
Divide your paper into 2 columns and give each column a title :COLUMN 1 : THINGS I LOVE & ENJOY –
i.e. hobbies, activities you do, skills you have, things you are good at, interests…COLUMN2: PROBLEMS I HAVE IN MY LIFE –
i.e. money, social life, health, work, relationships etc…

Invest at least 15-30 minutes and fill out both categories until you feel like you have nothing left in your mind.
At the end of this exercise you will have at least several niche ideas.
Now, from these niche ideas, we will need to pick a profitable niche, not just a niche you care about / that interests you, because after all, we’re here to make MONEY.

If you have ” knitting ” in your niche sheet, thats a very cute hobby, but it isn’t a profitable niche.

For each niche you have on your paper, ask yourself the following questions :

Would people buy products related to that niche ONLINE ?
Is it a seasonal niche ? [ I personally prefer niches that go all year long ]
How much do I know about that niche ? Would I have to study it first or can I start writing instantly ? [ obviously you should prefer something you already know, instead of learning a new topic, if your purpose is money making; ]
HOW COMPETITIVE is that niche ? – ill expand on how to check niche competition in future posts.
Can I write at least 2-3 articles a day in that niche ? – in case you are going to write content, vs. outsourcing it, you can always buy content for your blog and save the time & efforts.
Depending on the answer you wrote for the following question, you should know by now if you have a winning niche in hand.

If you don’t, no problem, I have another great exercise that will help you find a profitable niche.

Niche Finding – Exercise #2:
This is another cool exercise that helped me find some great niches, I call it “looking around for a niche”.

For example, one time I was desperately looking for a new coffee brewers but was so confused with all the brands and types out there, that I have decided to start a coffee brewers reviews blog. how cool is that ?

For the next day, I want you to observe, and write on a paper or even in your smartphone:

Things you notice that people are doing orstruggling with. [ in my example, I was struggling with finding a good coffee brewer ] .
The things you do in your day and where you visit.
The problems you face.
The things that bring you joy.
The problems and joys you see other people experiencing.Give it a shot, its a great exercise that helped me find a niche and make some money online … what do you have to lose?
I’m here for you guys, if you need help / have found a niche but not sure, comment, I promise to reply asap with the best advice I can give you.

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