10 Tips to Economize Your Promotional Gifts


Using promotional products is a great way to raise awareness for your business and your brand, but it’s important to do it right. These 10 tips will help you make the most of your promotional products.

1. Hand out your promotional products at your next trade shows

If you already attended a trade show, you know how difficult it can be to attract the attention of visitors. They will be more likely to stop at your booth if you give them a free gift.

2. Add promotional products to your direct mail marketing

Direct mail often gets thrown away without being opened, but if you add a promotional product such as a pen or a notepad to your envelopes, it will attract attention and people will open them.

3. Use promotional products for your next fundraiser

Many businesses use their promotional products as free gifts, but if you need to raise funds, you could use your products for a successful fundraiser. People will be happy to buy your products to support you.

4. Add a free gift to any purchase

Adding a free gift to any purchase is an easy way to thank your customers for their interest in your products or services. Your promotional products might even convince someone to buy something from you.

5. Reward your most loyal customers

Encouraging customer loyalty is something you should take very seriously. Show the customers who have been with you for many years that you appreciate them by giving them some amazing free gifts.

6. Remind your customers that you care about them

Promotional products can help you attract new customers, but they can also help you get in touch with old customers who haven’t purchased anything from you for some time. Send them a free gift to remind them you care about them.

7. Offer a few different options to your customers

It could be a good idea to have a few different products for your customers to choose from. This way, each of them will get a gift they know they will like and use.

8. Encourage people to share their promotional gifts

Don’t hesitate to encourage your customers to share their free promotional gifts, or to give them to someone else if they are not using them. This could introduce new people to your brand.

9. Don’t add your logo to all your promotional products

It’s not necessarily a good idea to add your logo to all your promotional products. Sometimes, it’s best to personalize an item with the recipient’s name so they will be happy to use it, and to tell other people about it.

10. A great slogan could be your best ally

Not everyone would like to wear a t-shirt or a hat with your company logo on it, but if you can come up with a catchy, clever slogan, your promotional products should become popular. Take a moment to think about it before you order your products.