15 Best Paying Labor Jobs with the Highest Pay


Labor jobs make our world turn. They’re the jobs that don’t aren’t flashy and come in sectors where most don’t aspire to find work in. The truth is though that these jobs are very important, ensuring homes and businesses have adequate services and support.

If you’re seeking a general labourer job with high pay, here are fifteen of the best paying labor jobs in our country:

Job #1: Driller

Oil and gas development has brought in thousands of the best paying labor jobs. A driller has an annual salary of $59,200 with many eventually making above this after a few years in the industry. There is a lot of upward mobility in the oil and gas industry which makes it an advantageous position to be in if you’re searching for a job with the opportunity to make more money over time.

Job #2: Plumber

Another high paying labor job is becoming a plumber. They are equipped to install, repair, and maintain water and gas supply lines. The role takes critical thinking and the physical ability to do the work which can often times be challenging. Plumbers have an average annual salary of $65,000. Many experienced plumbers eventually exceed this number after some time on the job.

Job #3: Bricklayer

Bricklayers – with an average salary of $62,300 – work with concrete, brick, and other materials. They’re key to constructing walls, buildings, and fireplaces. The work is very heavy and physical, and requires one to be in excellent shape and maintain healthy form throughout a day’s work.

Job #4: Electrician

An electrician does what a plumber does except for the electrical systems in a residential, commercial, or industrial building. Electricians require a lot of the same critical thinking skills and regularly involve troubleshooting different components. The average salary of an electrician is $65,500.

Job #5: Firefighter

Every region needs firefighters. Their role is obvious as is their value. They’re called on during emergencies and require an actor to be physically in shape, willing to confront danger, and capable of dealing with the stress. That said, it can be very rewarding and requires only some training. The average firefighter salary is $60,400.

Job #6: Boilermaker

A boilermaker’s job is to install boilers, tanks, and vats containing liquids and gases. Some boilermakers also operate heavy equipment machinery. The work itself is stressful and very physically demanding. The average boilermaker salary is $71,700.

Job #7: Derrickman

A derrickman works on an oil rig crew. They are attached to the platform of an oil rig usually somewhere around 85 feet high. The derrickman leans out over the platform in a safety harness and manipulates the drilling pipe. The average salary of a derrickman is $62,400.

Job #8: Housekeeper

At the top end of the housekeeper trade are executive housekeepers who oversee luxury households and/or a housekeeping staff. The average salary of an executive housekeeper is $60,300. Housekeeping can be dirty and physical but is easier than other roles mentioned on this list.

Job #9: Landscaper

Just like with housekeepers, once a landscaper reaches the experience level of being an executive landscaper or a landscape designer, the natural average salary is $74,400. A landscaper’s job is to work with outdoor design to sculpt and beautify an environment and its surroundings. It is a field of labor where entry-level work is usually plentiful albeit seasonal.

Job #10: HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians – with an average median salary of $61,500 – install and repair heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. They are in high demand and will always be. Some HVAC technicians are for general services while others specialize in a type of service, creating opportunities for a wide array of roles to be filled.

Job #11: Elevator Mechanic

As the country fills itself with more condo towers, commercial office buildings, and multi-storey developments, all of these arrangements require elevators. Elevator mechanics are hired to troubleshoot and repair and install elevators. As an elevator mechanic, the average take-home salary is $108,200.

Job #12: Locomotive Engineers

Locomotive engineers work in trains of all kinds and are key to supplying transit networks and transportation across the country. They are tasked with upholding standards of safety and performance on the train. The average salary for a locomotive engineer is $85,400.

Job #13: Construction Manager

Construction managers are the height of high-paying construction work. They often work with architects and engineers, coordinating aspects of design, procurement, safety assessments, troubleshooting and problem-solving, and customer service. The average annual salary for a construction manager is $114,600.

Job #14: Power Utility Technician

A power utility technician is who is called when electrical equipment – a la high-voltage power lines – need to be maintained. They install, repair, and maintain these lines, and are sometimes asked to work extra hours during periods of widespread outages such as those caused by environmental incidents. The average salary for a power utility technician is $89,300.

Job #15: Automobile Service Station Manager

As a mechanic, you can expect an average annual salary of $55,000. Comparatively, an automobile service station manager has an annual salary of $64,000. This labor role oversees automobile repair shops or a similar business and combines labor work with administration, gradually moving into more administrative responsibilities.