4 Business Opportunities From Attractive Product Packaging


It is true that when it comes to your product, it is the quality of the item itself that counts. However, the packaging you use to enclose your item is just as important. For this reason, a lot of thought and consideration needs to be put into your packaging whether it is going to accompany a new item or you are looking at redesigning one that has been around for a while.

Below are reasons the packaging you choose for your products is so important and ways it can influence the success that you have.

1. Attract customers

When your products are available in stores, chances are they are grouped in with other similar items, probably manufactured by your competition. Therefore, you need to find a way to stand out and get noticed. The product packaging that you use is a perfect way to do this.

Instead of packaging your product in a plain, generic box or bag, making the package as attractive as possible attracts customers and can lead to increased profits. In fact, approximately 1 in 3 customers will make the decision to buy a product solely based on its packaging so this aspect of your product is a lot more important than some businesses think.

2. Build your brand

The most memorable brands are the ones that are easiest to recognize from near or far. For example, Nike and Coca-Cola do well because they have compromised their appearance little since they started. This builds trust with customers, allowing them to recognize a brand and know they are getting a quality product.

The packaging that you choose for your product is important to your brand because it differentiates itself from products sold by other manufacturers in your industry. For example, you and another company may have a brand of soda with a red label. This can cause confusion with customers and they could end up purchasing the one from your competitor when he/she meant to buy your brand. Therefore, having your packaging be distinct with a clear-cut logo will allow you to seperate yourself from other brands and take the lead as being the obvious choice.

3. Communication

Packaging plays a huge role in the sale of a product, however sometimes it keeps customers from actually seeing the item and determine whether they want to purchase it. Therefore, it is up to the packaging to speak about the brand and effectively portray its value.

Your product packaging is important because in addition to displaying your trusted brand, it can also list a lot of qualities that will entice the customers to purchase it. It can also give information about guarantees and provide contact information for customers to voice questions and concerns. Customers will appreciate this and it will show that you stand behind your products. The packaging may be the only opportunity you have to communicate what you want to customers so you need to make it count.

4. Protection

Before your products even arrive at stores, they will be handled during transit and may travel a long way. As a result, there is always instances where your products get damaged, Not only will you be disappointed if this occurs, but customers will be to when they buy your products to find it is damaged when they get it home.

Your packaging plays a pivotal role in keeping your items safe elements that could damage it. These can include impacts, weather, ultra-violet rays, and moisture. Whether you choose to enclose your products with plastic, cardboard, or glass, the packaging serves to protect the item inside and in turn can greatly influence your profits as well as losses.