4 HVAC Options for Heating or Cooling Your Home


If you need to replace your cooling system or furnace, you will find that you can do so in one of various ways. The following HVAC systems make it possible for you to reduce energy consumption and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.

1. Heating and Air Conditioning Split Air System

This type of HVAC system will usually feature an outdoor unit that holds a condenser coil, electrical parts, compressor, and a fan. It will also use a refrigerant that circulates between the indoors and outdoors by way of a series of pipes, or refrigerant lines. An evaporator coil usually sits just about the furnace inside the house.

A blower is used to send warm air over the system’s evaporator coil. This is done so the heat will be absorbed from the outside air. Ducts carry the air throughout the house, and supply ducts pull in the air while return ducts blow out the air. A thermostat controls the HVAC system and establishes the desired temperature. You can use air scrubbers, humidifiers, air purifiers, and UV lamps with this type of system.

2. Heat Pump System

This type of heating and cooling system is powered by electricity and is used with a furnace that may burn propane, fuel oil, or natural gas. Therefore, it is considered a hybrid system. In actuality, heat pumps are air conditioners that can also work in reverse, so they can heat your home as well. The system efficiently cools and heats the home.

An ideal hybrid heat pump system will feature a furnace, including an evaporator coil for converting the refrigerant and circulating the air. It will provide ductwork to direct the air around the home. The thermostat will be used to adjust and control heating and cooling. Optional accessories are featured to improve the air’s quality. Learn more information from www.lennoxdealerstoronto.ca and their available resources.

3. Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

This type of HVAC system provides a solution for the homeowner who wishes to optimize space in his or her home. This system can be used where conventional ducted systems cannot be used. Ductless mini-split systems are installed in specific zones of the home that need to be heated or cooled. You can have as many as four of the indoor units installed for each outdoor unit. These systems feature a heat pump outdoors that displays a compressor, fan, and condenser.

This system also has a compact fan tubing and wires for the coolant, which connect the outdoor unit to the coil of the fan. The thermostat for the system is known as a control panel.

4. Packaged HVAC System

This HVAC system features a condenser, compressor, and evaporator in one unit, and is frequently situated on the roof of a home. It may also be installed near a home’s foundation. This HVAC system is a good solution for homes that do not have room for the parts of split HVAC systems.

Packaged heating and cooling systems feature an air conditioner and heat pump with an evaporator and fan coil in one unit. They also use a thermostat or control panel to completely control the system. Optional features improve the quality of the indoor air.