4 Retail Shelving Guidelines for Your Store


Proper shelving is a necessity to any retail location from a small convenience store to a large supermarket chain as it has a direct and major impact on sales and overall success. The right type of retail display shelving can promote your products properly and result in healthy profits for your business.

There are many types of shelving and each one has its own benefits but the type that has gained the most popularity among storeowners is the end shelving unit, also known as the end cap.

These shelving units are found at the end of retail aisles and usually consist of top, middle, and bottom sections. There are several benefits to using end shelving units regularly and reasons why they should be a staple item in all retail stores.

1. Maximize retail space

No matter what size of a store you have, you wish you had more space to carry more items and therefore offer your customers the variety that they deserve. If this sounds familiar, end shelving units can definitely help you and give you what you need.

End shelving units can maximize the retail space. You can attach your end shelving to your gondola aisle to maximize the amount of space for your shelves. It may not look like much, but doing so will give you much more space, especially if you add the end shelving units to every aisle on each end.

2. A place for sales & promotions

When you have a sale item or want to promote a popular or new item, you want to draw attention to it so your customers will see it and purchase it. End shelving units are used for this frequently and are well-known for promoting products in a way that increases sales dramatically.

Studies show that more consumers purchase items from end shelving units rather than the actual aisle. Therefore, in addition to sales and promotions, end shelving is an effective way to draw attention to bigger items you want to sell or items that you have in excess that you want to get rid of.

End shelving units can also be used to highlight a seasonal or featured product. If you put your featured item on a regular shelf in an aisle, it will get lost in the mix of other products you have. If you put them in the end shelving, it can help boost its sales and move the inventory.

3. Encourages impulse buying

A creative display, a sale, or a promotion sets apart any product. However, putting it in the end shelving unit will increase visibility rather than in the ordinary store aisle. It will be easier for any shopper to purchase if the product is more visible and easily accessible.

End shelving increases the potential for impulse purchases because they call the attention of the customer at the last minute. They are also right in a customer’s line of sight when they turn a corner to go to the next aisle, making them harder to ignore.

If you place your products on and end shelf, it will have greater visibility and increase its sales. Also, if you place them near the checkout counter, they will sell as well because people will see them as they wait in line to check out. It is for these reasons that your end shelving units are considered prime real estate in your establishment.

4. Move products faster

End shelving units are popular among storeowners because products on them are set apart from others. They are made to look special. This allows attention to be drawn to them and as a result sales usually increase for this product.

End shelving units are the most coveted places in your retail store because consumers are more likely to come across and purchase items available on them. In most stores, products of one company are usually placed with that of a competitor because they are obviously similar. This decreases the chances of a product being noticed and in turn bought by a consumer.