4 Shopping Guidelines for Fall Arrest Anchors


Workers who need to work on heights should always receive maximum protection. Everything should be planned adequately before they execute their jobs well. One of the things you should consider is providing an appropriate fall anchor for them.

It is not just merely connecting their anchors in a place where you think is safe enough, but the proper selection of material matters too. In many cases, injury or death happens not just because of the improper use of the equipment, but also from the lack of knowledge of the correct anchor to use. To prevent an accident from occurring, let’s look closer the critical key takeaways you should put into action before your workforce starts a building project.

1. The QA Certificate

Always find the quality assurance certificate when you select a fall arrest anchor. You can also check the label to see the inspections conducted before it was sold to the market. It will give you an idea that the equipment has undergone the quality inspections to ensure it reaches the standards required for ultimate safety and protection. It is more important to look for this label than focusing mainly on the price of the product.

2. Comfort & Adjustability

It is essential to select the right anchor based on its specific application. The market offers a wide variety of equipment with different designs. Each of them is engineered based on its components and specific function. Make sure its parts such as for the shoulders, legs and waist fit well and is adjustable. It is essential to select an anchor that you can adjust to ensure you can wear it comfortably.

3. Anchor Point

Aside from choosing the right fall anchor, it is also equally important to inspect the anchor point. It should be durable enough to support a 5000 pound force per person. Furthermore, it should also reach the minimum free fall clearances as regulated. As an example, a fall arrestor should be 3.5m while the lanyard is 5.7m. Attach the anchorage directly overhead as possible because of the pendulum effect that may unexpectedly happen. A fall arrest system should be durable. That said, a correct connection will also ensure you are protected from injury. It helps reduce the force whenever it is used in conjunction with a well-fitted and appropriate anchorage and a full body harness. Connectors vary from fall arrests to lanyards, so it is essential to identify the one that is suitable for your needs.

4. Fire Retardant Anchor

It is also sometimes unavoidable to have the workers perform their duties around sharp edges. To prevent an accident, they need to use a fall anchor with maximum strength and flexibility. If the worker needs to do the grinding and welding, he should also wear a fall arrest anchor that is fire retardant.

Always remember the safety and protection of each worker is worth investing in. Wearing a correct fall arrest anchor should not be overlooked in every workplace that risks the lives of many laborers. It is best to ensure that you have the right equipment no matter how pricey it is because it will cost you more money if an accident occurs. Following all these recommendations will give you protection while you value your life.