4 Tips to Keep Your Brick And Mortar Office Growing


Brick and mortar offices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve got yourself a nice physical location, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it to your advantage. Despite all the negative news you hear about physical locations, the opportunities for local success are only continuing to grow.

This blog post looks at four different suggestions to help keep your physical locations growing!

1. Your Marketing Efforts Need To Be Hyper-Targeted

The best way to keep your physical location thriving in the age of online shopping is to get clear on who your best customers are. Once you know who to target, you need to find ways to offer highly personalized experiences with your company. Your store needs to speak specifically to your best demographic.

Look at who’s been supporting your store in recent years and what characteristics they have in common. You can also look at businesses in the same industry as you in different parts of the country and see who they are trying to target. Once you find the right audience to tap into, your marketing and sales efforts become significantly more manageable.

2. Invest In A Sales Staff To Represent Your Company

One of the benefits of having a physical location is the amount of hot leads you get coming through your door. The way how you engage potential customers as they enter your door has a significant impact on your ability to generate sales. You’ll find success if you can find a way to add a human touch to your customer service.

Don’t let the word “sales” scare you away from this idea. Your sales staff doesn’t need to push your products on people or force benefits down their throat. Your salespeople should be telling the stories behind your products, educating people about the company and helping customers when necessary. Using a soft sales approach to nurture customers enables you to make the most out of the foot traffic you see on a daily basis.

3. Make Office Cleaning A Priority

The condition of your office says a lot about your company. Even if you’re catering to an audience who you think don’t care about appearances, keeping a clean office is always important. Regular office cleanings set the tone for your staff, helps you make a good impression on visitors and is part of maintaining a safe work environment.

On a subconscious level, tidier offices portray a feeling of superior products and services. Inviting your customers into a clean, sleek environment helps make them feel important. Even if you have excellent customer service, it’s unlikely people will enjoy spending time in a musty office. Office cleaning is a vital part of having a safe place to grow customer relationships.

4. Establish A Culture

It’s important to instill a consistent approach in how all your team members handle their work. Consistency helps you maintain a united front as a team. Staying consistent makes it easier to work with each other while remaining organized. Establishing a consistent approach also makes onboarding new employees an easy task.

Part of establishing a healthy workplace culture is allowing people to make mistakes safely. If someone breaks policy, it’s better to listen to why they did what they did and react accordingly instead of making an example of them. The most successful teams grow with each other by powering through their mistakes. Your work environment needs to help your employees feel comfortable with this approach.

All in all, successful physical locations take the time to learn about the people visiting their store. It’s always a good idea to use the Internet to your advantage since people still like browsing websites. Keep these four suggestions in mind to keep your business on track!