5 Advice for Buying Corner Guards


Corner guards are solid panels shaped in such a way that they can easily be attached to the corners of walls in high-traffic areas of buildings in order to protect the walls from being damaged. Corner guards can come in a number of different metals including stainless steel corner guards, as well as galvanized steel, industrial steel, and aluminum checker plate, which allows for a good corner guard for any situation.

1. Fix it once

Without a corner guard, the same wall corner may become damaged over and over again, especially in high-traffic areas. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a domestic or industrial setting, having to fix the same spot time and time again can get really frustrating.

With a corner guard, the spot need only be fixed one time with the simple application of the guard, then forgotten about. Corner guards are guaranteed to last much longer than any repair job ever could, and since they come in a variety of styles, they can add a stylish effect in the process.

2. Keep your money

Another consequence of continually repairing damaged wall corners is the cost involved. Whether it is simply purchasing the materials to fix at home, or hiring someone to repair a number of wall corners in an apartment building or corporate setting, repairs come at a cost.

Unlike with corner guards where the initial cost is a one-time expense, repair costs can add up over time. Corner guards can be purchased for as little as $30 and even if a single repair session were to cost less than that, over time it would come to cost much more.

3. Keep up appearances

Nothing brings down the visual value of a property than chipped and dented walls. Installing corner guards on the most frequently damaged corners in a home or building can greatly increase the value and the impression that people get when entering and viewing the space.

Not only does the corner guard protect wall corners from becoming all dinged up and ugly, but the units themselves are quite aesthetically pleasing and can come in a variety of different looks which allows users to purchase one that matches the style of their home, property or business.

4. Lose the stress

Being constantly concerned about the well-being of a space is a waste of time and energy. Constantly discovering that walls are damaged – again – can cause some serious anger and anxiety, especially when it comes to keeping up the appearance and upkeep of a building. Investing in corner guards can greatly decrease the amount of stress experienced over the protection of the space in question, and allows owners to shift their worries onto other much more pressing matters.

This is also a really great result for places where other people are using the space. Unfortunately, people can not necessarily be controlled, and accidents happen. If owners don’t have to worry about tenants damaging walls, it can relieve a lot of stress off of their shoulders.

5. Save on time

This is a big one if the repairs are not being outsourced. It takes time to repair damaged walls, especially if the proper steps are being taken to repair them well. Let alone the fact that once the wall is repaired, it will need to be done again and again every time it becomes damaged. Meanwhile, corner guards take mere minutes to install. It is simply a matter of applying a good adhesive to the back and pressing the unit onto the appropriate wall corner. Then that wall will never need to be fixed again until the corner guard needs replacing, which could be years.