5 Best E-mail Hosting Services for Small Businesses


Small business owners, employees, and contractors may need to communicate with others consistently throughout the day.

E-mail remains a simple and effective means to do so. Any email account utilized by a business should be a professional one. Free e-mail accounts, while functional, don’t exactly present the appearance of a successful business.

A custom e-mail address does. Of course, in order to acquire such an e-mail account, you must sign up with an e-mail hosting service. There are a lot of choices out there. The following five e-mail hosting services rank among the top ones:

#1 – Hostgator

Hostgator invests quite a bit of money promoting itself. Those who look closer at what this managed hosting service offers may be shocked at all the features.

One extremely beneficial feature is access to “unlimited email addresses.”

The company proudly states that clients can create as many email addresses as they require. Businesses needing to create scores of emails for personnel and management should find Hostgator’s generous open-ended plan extremely appealing.

#2 – Rackspace

Rackspace garnered a strong reputation as a top cloud computing company. A closer look at the company reveals Rackspace offers great deals on solid basic feature-packed 25GB email accounts. A basic setup costs a mere $2 per month, which may be fine for a budget-strained business.

Of course, expanded options exist for those who require a lot more from their email service. If you want 100GB inboxes capable of working with Outlook and other systems, Rackspace can accommodate you. And unlike free services, Rackspace clients have access to a support team if trouble arises.

#3 – Weebly

businessman with email

Weebly remains a highly-popular company for entrepreneurs seeking a website building platform. Weebly receives a lot of promotion for its free services, but expanded hosting options can be acquired for a fee. Along with website hosting, Weebly offers a somewhat overlooked e-mail service.

The reasonable pricing allows clients to access a domain name-based email system derived from a partnership between Weebly and G Suite. Recently, Weebly was purchased by the tech company Square meaning potentially better management and services in the near future.

#4 – Gmail

Yes, the Google giant — Gmail — could prove to be a solid choice for small business owners. Not everyone may want a Gmail account because of the aforementioned concerns over using a free e-mail account.

Google realized this and developed a paid version of Gmail that allows users to create their own custom email address. Google isn’t exactly a tiny startup suffering from limited resources and minimal staff. A giant corporation certainly provides a reliable email service, a managed hosting service popular with millions of users.

#5 – Kerio

Kerio e-mail hosting comes with an incredible number of features and benefits. Anti-spam, archiving, contact management, note compilations, and much more come with the service.

The actual email proves to be very easy to use and works well with mobile devices. Kerio also offers a VoIP service that might be a fine complement to the purchased e-mail package.

Look closely at what each one of these five hosting services offers. This way, you can feel confident amount any choice you make.