5 Design & Decorating Tips for Painting Your Home


Interior decorating is a very personal thing. The choices you make today will have a lasting impact on your homes value and the impression that you give guests as they enter your home and walk around. Of course, you know the colour that you want each room to be painted, but have you decided on the exact shade? There are literally thousands of paint colours to choose from each with their own name.

As you probably don’t want to paint your home more than once, you should take the time to assess all of your options and make the right choice for you.

1. How to select the right colour

If you are still on the fence about the colour that you want for your home then you should head to a paint store and grab some swatches for inspiration. Just bear in mind that it can be an intimidating experience as you may not be able to tell one colour from another. Once you have a short list you should line them all up one by one and really look for the differences. You might start to notice that one is slightly greener or bluer than the others and you start to dislike one of your options. Try doing this a few times until you have it down to one or two.

Now, if you are still undecided between one or two of them it’s time to start putting some paint on the walls. You can test a couple of paint colours by purchasing a few sample tins. Now you should be ready to choose one of them after you have seen what the sample looks like now it is on the wall.

2. Don’t stop with just the walls

If you paint the walls, as soon as you finish, you’re going to want to make sure that the rest of your home doesn’t look too drab in comparison to your new beautiful walls. The baseboards will likely need an upgrade too. White is the traditional colour for baseboards although you can experiment with other colours if you like. Although you should exercise caution and seek the help of a professional interior painting service as they can advise you on some of the best options and specifically the right type of paint for the different surfaces in your home.

3. When testing out paint colours leave them up for 24 hours

The paint colour that you have chosen will look slightly different throughout the day based on how bright the room is, and how it looks in artificial light. When you are testing out a few sample colour options that can be the test that makes the decision for you. Depending on the time of day a blue can look grey or black.

4. Speaking of artificial light

If you’re going to be entertaining guests, it is likely that you will be doing this at night. For this reason, you need to know that the colour that you’re going to be painting your home looks good at night when you have the lights on.

Your experimentation does not need to stop with paint colour. You can try different light bulbs to see how that affects the appearance of your walls.

5. Let the professionals handle it

If you want your home to look perfect in every way, it is best to let the professionals handle the painting of your home. The smallest mistake can ruin the look that you’re going for as many paints can be very unforgiving. A team of professional painters will be able to give you the home that you have always dreamed of.