5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Gut Microbiome


While you may have never heard of them, gut microbiome plays a very important role in keeping you healthy. Not so very long ago, these bacteria that live in your intestines were called gut flora. They are mainly comprised of bacteria, and about one-third of them are common to all people. The other two-thirds are your own unique blend based on your genes. Here are some other facts about gut microbiome that you probably do not know.

1. You Have More Bacteria Than Human Cells


While the body has about 37.2 trillion cells. Amazingly, your body also has about 372 trillion bacteria. Those bacteria come from almost 1,000 different species. The most common, however, are firmicutes that may help the body absorb fat and play an important role in the body-mass index along with bacteroidetes that are designed to help fight obesity. It is commonly believed that the diet that you eat controls the number of firmicutes and bacteroidetes that is in your system.

2. There are Many Different Factors Affecting Gut Microbiome In Your Body

Factors Affecting Gut Microbiome

While everyone is born with a certain gut microbiome in their bodies, there are several different lifestyle choices that can change the gut microbiome over time. Your microbiome changes as you get older. Moving one from a region of the world to a completely different part of the world can change your microbiome. Certain diseases along with carrying excess weight can alter your microbiome composition. Additionally, there are drugs and supplements that can alter the number and type of microbiome living inside of you.

3. Gut Microbe Can Make You Fat

Gut Microbe Can Make You Fat

While doctors are not sure if changes in gut microbe is a cause of obesity or the result of obesity, there is little doubt that your microbe composition changes as you put on weight. The number of firmicutes increases causing the body to become more obese while the number of firmicutes decreases.

Doctors also believe that as the number of firmicutes decreases that you also develop a weaker immune system in addition to finding it more difficult to lose weight. Understanding how your gut microbe system works helps you to stay healthier. In return, most people feel better about themselves and live longer. For more specific help, see the experts at the Digestive Center.

4. Probiotics Are Essential for Feeding Your Gut Microbes

Eating a diet that is high in probiotics is essential to keeping the right number and type of bacteria in your digestive tract for you. Therefore, you need to eat foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir and tempeh regularly. Getting your probiotics from food helps to keep your unique blend correct, but if you cannot get probiotics from your diet, then it is essential to get them from a supplement.

5. Your Gut and Your Mind are Connected


Your gut has a special lining known as the enteric nervous system. This lining is constantly sending signals to your brain. Therefore, when it is healthy, you feel content, happy and like life is going good. When you upset the enteric nervous system, however, you can become emotionally distraught and depressed.