5 Pest Control Tips to Have a Stress-Free Summer


Most homeowners, apartment dwellers, and condominium residents will inevitably deal with the hassle of kicking out pests. Indeed, the very first sighting you have of a centipede or a cockroach will be devastating and spine-tingling. But the more you see them, the more fed up you’ll become, which will finally prompt you to act.

In addition to hiring a pest control service, you will want to institute preventative measures. And there’s a lot you can do even right now.

Everything from maintaining your property to eating your food, you can ensure it won’t become a widespread problem. Do you have the guts to do it? Then let’s go!

Here are five pest control tips to have a stress-free spring and summer:

1. Keep Your Home Clean

Do you know the one thing that cockroaches, mice, and centipedes love, or are at least accustomed to? Dirt.

That’s right. It may not seem like, but pests adore dirt. They relish in it. If you have crumbs on the ground, salt in the cupboard, and cobwebs in certain corners of your humble abode, those disgusting pests will be attracted to it.

The solution is obvious: keep your home clean.

With spring on the horizon, it is imperative to perform a thorough spring cleaning. This is essential to have a worry-free spring and summer. Otherwise, you’ll see these awful looking pests all over your home and you won’t be able to sleep.

2. Be Sure to Sanitize Your Bins

Of course, pests are also infatuated by black, green, and blue bins on your front lawn or garage. Why? Well, they are filled to the rim with garbage, products that have traces of food, and yesterday’s leftovers. These bins are havens for bugs, mice, and everything in between.

A simple trick to prevent their invasion is to merely sanitize your bins on a regular basis. This consists of washing them, wiping them down, and even protecting your garbage and recyclables to stop an penetration.

If you keep the bins clean, bugs may not want to go near them since they can’t eat or live.

3. Inspect Places That Attract Pests

Believe it or not, your home is a great place for pests. Indeed! Your neighbour’s house, your great aunt’s townhome, and your nephew’s apartment are all sublime nests for pests. If the place has food, if the place provides shelter, and if the place is warm, pests will want to establish a colony in the dwelling.

This is why it is critical to regularly inspect places that attract pests. Here are some common parts of your home where you could catch a rat or a centipede:

  • Basement.
  • Underneath kitchen sink.
  • Cupboards.
  • Bathroom.
  • Closet.

Have you noticed a pattern? Dark, damp, elements of food, and a paucity of foot traffic.

4. Eat Your Food – Don’t Toss It

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t witness an invasion of ants or cockroaches is to eat all of your food. It’s true. By eating your fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and everything else, you won’t see a single pest.

How come? Well, if there is nothing to eat, then why would these hideous creatures pay a visit?

5. Maintain Your Lawn & Backyard

Most pests typically make their way to your home through your front lawn and/or backyard. They usually reside there for a bit because of a plethora of factors: garbage bins, trash, dirt, bystanders, and the list goes on.

You can ensure that they won’t invade your property starting on your front lawn by maintaining it. Everything from cutting the grass to removing garbage to fertilizing the lawn, pests, like indoor environments, often hate anything that is clean and sanitary.

You don’t want your spring or summer ruined by ants, centipedes, rats, cockroaches, spiders, and a myriad of other pests. To ensure they don’t put a damper on your fun, you should employ these measures right away.

And, if your attempts fail and you’re inundated with these ugly things, you should call a pest control service immediately. You don’t want the problem to get out of hand.