5 Tips for Preparing Your Swimming Pool for A Hurricane


The hurricane season is here and is expected to last until late November. There is a likelihood that hurricanes will hit the hurricane-prone areas over the next months. If you own a swimming pool, then it is equally important to protect your pool as it is to secure your home. With proper preparation, you can reduce the level of damage the storm will cause. This saves you money that would have otherwise gone into extensive repairs after the hurricane. Here are some timely hurricane tips for swimming pools.

1.      Don’t Drain the Swimming Pool

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While draining your pool may seem like the logical thing to do, leaving water in your pool will provide weight which will keep the pool structure intact. An empty pool will easily pop out of the ground or float due to the excessive pressure from the groundwater which is caused by heavy rains. Also, ensure that your pool has overflows to drain excess water.

2.      Turn Power Off to Protect Your Pool Equipment

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Your pool pump and electric components are most vulnerable in a storm. Turn off all your pool equipment if you’re expecting a storm to hit your area.  This will protect them from sudden power surges that can cause damage to the equipment. Turn off any electric circuit breakers from the main power source. Do not operate your heaters, lighting, or chlorinators during a storm.

3.      Treat Your Pool with Chlorine

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You can protect your pool from contamination during a storm using chlorine (or shock). This protects the pool from the heavy rains that are likely to interfere with the water chemistry.  Contamination can also be caused by the debris stormwater contamination. Lower the pool pH to about 7.2 and follow up by running the filter after you’ve shocked the pool for several hours. Do not let anyone enter the pool after chlorination.

4.      Avoid Covering Your Pool

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This is one of the most important hurricane tips for swimming pools. Covering your pool is discouraged because any falling debris caused by the storm can completely damage your pool cover. It is less costly and easier to clean the pool after a storm than having to buy and install a new pool cover. However, if you had invested in a safety cover, you can use it to protect your pool.

5.      Secure Your Deck

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Put away everything that is not secured to the deck. Be sure to store all your poolside furniture, deck lids, filter housetops, and any other movable items. Remove your child safety fence and also store away any lose lights, signs, or posts. This is important because strong winds will easily turn the loose items into flying projectiles which are potentially hazardous. While it may not be the best option, you can consider placing your pool deck items at the bottom of the pool. Ensure you arrange the items properly to avoid damage to the pool’s surface. Remove these items as soon as the storm passes to avoid staining.

For tips on how to rehabilitate your pool after a storm, you can get in touch with Drain Rescue plumbers.