6 Activities For Your Moving Day Checklist


You will have a million things that you need to think about when you are getting ready to move house. On the day of your move, you will probably not have time to think as there will be so many logistical problems that you have to deal with.

1. Label all boxes

This is some advice that you will hear time and time again, but it really is something that you cannot afford to forget. At the bare minimum, the boxes should be labelled according to which room they need to go into. A better system is to have an inventory of all of the boxes so that you can unpack things in a well-structured manner.

2. Buy enough packing materials

When you go shopping for the packing materials that you need you should buy more than you think you need. If you have set aside some time to pack your belongings and run a little short on bubble wrap, you will probably use a little less than you need to so that you don’t need to head out to the store again.

By having more than you need you can be liberal with the amount of packing material that you use so that your fragile items are extra protected. You should be careful not to go overboard on this as you don’t want to be wasteful, but a little extra protection for your glassware never hurt anyone.

3. Use a professional moving company

You may start the process thinking that it will be a breeze. You may only realize halfway through that you have bitten off more than you can chew. Don’t forget that it is not too late to call a team of professionals to come in and save the day. With many years of experience moving people in and out of their homes, the movers know how to make the process as smooth as possible.

4. Packing things that you need

When you are tired and you have what seems like a nearly endless list of things to do it can be easy to go on autopilot and pack things that you need on a daily basis or during the move. We have even heard about someone packing their car keys and wallet and having to rip open half of the boxes to find then again.

This is an extreme example but it could also be something less practical but also essential. Like your toiletries or a child’s favourite toy. Make sure that you keep enough clothes out of boxes too as you don’t want to run out before the boxes are unloaded at your destination.

5. Check the calendar for special events

When you are planning the move months in advance it can be easy to pick a day out of the calendar and just go for it. When the day rolls around you may find that it is a national holiday and the traffic on the road is crazy. Another nightmare scenario is that there is a parade or marathon in that causes road closures across your city.

6. Notify people you have moved

This can be the bank, your insurance company, your employer or even family members. You don’t want any correspondence going to the wrong address. This can mean that you lose out on a gift or important notice at best and at worst you could risk identity theft or credit card fraud. All you have to do it take a moment and think about who you receive mail from on a monthly and yearly basis and make sure they are all notified.