6 Restaurant Economic Trends in the Future


With every passing year, restaurant owners see various fluctuations in their business. Whether due to social reasons, or to pitfalls in the economy, all of these factors have some influence. As it pertains to the latter, there are a number of interesting trends to take notice of this year.

Trends can either come and go, or become a permanent characteristic in the industry. These, in turn, can have varying effects on both the restaurant itself, as well as the overall economy. Some are obvious, while others may have hidden potential.

If you are a restaurateur, take note of the following restaurant economic trends for the future:

Trend #1: Online Ordering

If the year 2020 has proven anything, online ordering is probably the most popular restaurant economic trend that happened. The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way many businesses operate, including restaurants. Many have been forced to close their doors, shattering their usual business. However, as it pertains to takeout options, they have found a saving grace.

With the rise of online ordering, many customers choose to place an order through their smartphone. Then, at their own leisure, they can either pick up their order or have it delivered to them. It shouldn’t be considered as just a trend either. Online ordering has had a key impact on the economy, and will stick around in the years to come. Make sure you have the necessary restaurant supplies, equipment, and infrastructure to handle this incoming trend!

Trend #2: Wellness

As the years go by, restaurants have catered their menus to fit a more healthy ideal. As consumers have become more conscious in their eating habits, businesses have had to adapt. Recent data has demonstrated that customers are more likely to spend money, if menus advocate wellness.

By making dishes in a more healthy way, consumers would be willing to spend more. Quality, as it turns out, reigns over quantity in the past decade. That doesn’t mean that fast-food restaurants have declined, as their business remains as high as ever. They will be, however, competing with those who serve cleaner food items.

Trend #3: Sustainability

Wellness and healthy eating may play a large role in a consumer’s decision to eat out, but so does sustainability. Restaurants that take the initiative to be more eco-friendly are more likely to see financial returns. Once joined in tandem with transparent eating options, this trend does not seem to be slowing down.

In fact, a large percentage of consumers prefer to have their meals made with the environment in mind. Customers generally care about the planet, and want surrounding restaurants to reflect that sentiment. Once they do, guests are more inclined to show up and respond with their wallets.

Trend #4: Tech Assistants

Don’t worry if you are a restaurant owner; robots won’t be working on your team anytime soon. However, the rise of technology has also had a large impact on how restaurants run their operations. For example, data has shown that those who welcome technology into their work will generate more revenue.

In addition, technology helps to streamline tasks in the in-house sphere, while reaching additional customers. Mobile menus are browsed prior to visiting, demonstrating that customers appreciate a restaurant that has a digital presence. Not every restaurant requires tech to run their business. However, its presence in the industry may be more than just a trend.

Trend #5: Global Tastes

Just over a couple decades ago, westernized cuisine was generally the dominant flavour in restaurants. Now, if a restaurant wants to succeed, they will have to offer a diverse assortment of flavours. If a restaurant offers diverse items on their menu, customers will usually spend more.

Not only that, but ethnic dishes have reportedly dominated the last decade, in terms of having an impact. From Asian to Middle Eastern flavours, every meal has become a fundamental part of each menu. This helps to generate revenue for the restaurant, which is then reflected in the local and global economy.

Trend #6: Cannabis-Based Offerings

In terms of potential, restaurants that serve cannabis-infused food and drink items might be more than a trend. Many restaurants that serve CBD-based food products in-house have generated interest from consumers. This has then been reflected in products sold, which have been bigger than anticipated.

Since many restaurants are limited to only select regions, their true impact as a trend has yet to be seen. However, data gathered from the American restaurant industry notes that it can economically succeed. It’s just a matter of properly and safely informing the general public first.

Economic trends in restaurants come and go, due to the rapidly-changing nature of the industry. Some, on the other hand, are here to stay, due to their surprisingly successful implementation. By capitalizing on these specific trends, restaurant owners may find alternate avenues of success. Experiment as you see fit, and your menu will change for the better!