6 Simple Interior Design Tips for Beginners


Giving the inside of your home doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking or something that you spend a lot of money over. In fact, some of the best and most impactful changes to the overall look and feel of your home can be done by using a few little tips and tricks.

It could be something as simple as adding in a mirror, a quick lick of paint, or something as simple as adding new living room furniture to level up any space. If you’re looking for some quick and easy ways to make your home feel just that little bit more special, then read on.

1. Paint smaller rooms in brighter colours

If you want to maximize a smaller living space then you should look to using lighter colours. Darker colours can often make a space feel a lot more claustrophobic. Lighter colours reflect more light and even though it is only an illusion you may be surprised to note just how big of an impact that this small change can have on the overall look and feel of a room.

2. Mirrors can be a real game changer

By using mirrors you can begin to see some real improvements in how your home looks and feels. A mirror can add a lot more light to a space and make it feel much larger. You can use a decorative mirror as a way to add something to a bare wall. All of these benefits from just hanging a mirror on the wall. If after a couple of weeks, you don’t like the mirror where it is, then it’s only a quick job to move it to another area of your home.

3. Be creative

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior decorating. If you like the way something looks then go for it. Many people are often too afraid of letting their creative side out when it comes to their own home decorating. All you need your home to be is comfortable and express who you are. If you want to have some old artwork in an antique frame above a modern couch then go for it. Sometimes these little juxtapositions of styles and eras can work wonders!

4. Be seasonal with slips

By having a few slipcovers for your old couch you can dramatically change up the look of your room in just a couple of minutes. If you want to have a room that you can easily change up the appearance of to be seasonal then slipcovers are the way to go. They are something that you can add to an old couch to give it a whole new lease of life, or a way to protect a new couch.

5. Use what you already have to decorate.

If you are about to take on the challenge of updating the look of your home, try to think about what you already have before heading out to the store. You never know what you might have stashed away in the garage or the attic that you have forgotten about. You may have a few things that went out of style years ago that are just begging to be placed in your living room not that styles and your attitude has changed.

6. Work that green thumb

If you are looking at your home and thinking that something is missing, it could be plants. Not only can plants give your home a much-needed burst of colour, they can also help to keep the air clean and fresh. The naturally can remove pollutants from the air and will increase the oxygen in your home.