6 Small Business Ideas for Fresh Graduates


If you have just come out from the university and you still struggle with your first employment, make sure to check out our list of small business ideas for fresh graduates. Nowadays, many people are thinking about starting their own business, and that can actually be the best decision ever. The private entrepreneurship world offers the infinite number of opportunities. If you have a business idea and decide to make that brave step, make a business plan and it will open your door to a comfortable life with the earnings and working hours you’ve always wanted. On average, each person changes 2 to 3 careers during his or her working life. Those who leave work, decide to start the business from their own home. And that’s not a bad business idea at all. Other people who are one of those with traditional working hours from nine to five also think of moving to private entrepreneurship. If you are one of them we have good news for you. It’s not complicated to start your business at all. All you need to start your business is a great business idea, a good business plan, and a proper business financing! We will help you with the ideas, so make sure to read our list until the end, inspired by Profitable Venture.

  1. Career counseling

You are a fresh graduate, you have excellent communication skills, and you had lots of subjects that helped you learn more about business, behavior, psychology, and other similar issues. That makes you a perfect candidate to start a business in career counseling and help people improve themselves in that regard.

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2. Sports training

If you studied sports, that would definitely be a plus in this regard, but if you are a good athlete, with lots of experience, starting your own sports training services may be a great idea. You may work both with kids and adults, and you may also provide personal training.

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3. Graphic design

Those who got their degrees in graphic design or those who passed certain courses are definitely eligible to start their own business related to that field. You need to be extremely creative and offer something new on this market, so start thinking what it could be.

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4. Photography

Not everyone who has a camera can be a photographer, but if you are aware that you are talented and that people recognize you as such, maybe you should think of starting your own photography business. In the beginning, this may serve as an extra income but later can become your successful business.

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5. Translation and transcription services

If you studied languages, or if you are lucky enough to speak more than one, you should think about starting with translation services. Believe it or not, great translators are always in demand, and this can be a very well paid job. Additionally, there are also lots of opportunities for transcription services on the Internet, so make sure to check them out.

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6. Online nutritionist

If you lead a healthy lifestyle or if you studied something related to this field, becoming an online nutritionist is a better business idea than you think. You can make lots of money by making weight loss meal plans or nutritional guides to people online. You can start with a Facebook or Instagram page, and make a great impact.

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