6 Steps to Buy the Best White Wine Available


Are you finding it hard to choose the perfect white wine for a special occasion or casual meal? There are many types of white wine. A few are top brands while others are unknown. The most important fact is that there is always a wine that will suit your taste. Take time to discover the various types such as Viura, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Once you have the basic knowledge of white wines including the type, sugar content and pairing with food, you can use this knowledge along with the label description to select the suited wine for any occasion.

Use these tips to kick-start your exploration with white wines:

1. Review and learn about the wines

To select the wine that you enjoy and like, you have to taste as many white wines as possible. You can learn about wines from reviews, wine tasting events and even reading both the front and back label of the bottle. There are certain wines that go well with different kind of foods. White wine is usually chilled before served. If you want to learn more about buying white wines online, there are websites and books available that provide a description, price, food pairing suggestions and more. You will also learn about storing, serving and tasting wine.

2. Tasting is the best

The more you taste, the more you develop your palate. Wine tasting events offer more experience in differentiating white wines and their variety. Many wineries offer wine tasting to help customers try a variety of different wines and select the most suited white wine. The representative will explain the process of how the wine is fermented, produced, stored and distributed. You can ask them all the questions you have to be sure you are happy with your selection.

3. Pairing wines with different cuisines

Chicken, fish, bread and cheese taste delicious with a certain type of white wine. For instance, Chardonnay wine goes well with creamy brie cheese. Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc works well with chicken. Sauvignon Blanc and Chablis can enhance the taste of grilled fish. Riesling is the perfect choice for spicy foods.

4. Dry or sweet white wines

There are different types of white wine that taste sweet or dry. When you taste the wine, you will know immediately if sweet or dry. Determine if you prefer sweet, dry or in between to help you make a good choice. There are different sugar codes for wines starting from zero to fifteen. This code will indicate the dryness and sweetness including sugar content.

5. Labels provide a wine description

Many bottles have a front and back label that will help you to decide which white is suited. The front label is used to catch your attention while you stroll down the aisle looking for good wine. The back label on the other hand offers a full description of the wine. Some of the key information included on the back label covers the grape varietal, the region, alcohol percentage, producer and vintage.

6. Steps to evaluate wine

There are four basic steps to evaluate wine – look, smell, taste and finish. When the wine is a dark yellow, it indicates that more oak has been used in the wine. When you give the wine a swirl in your glass, it forms legs, which are the streaks that trickle down the side of the wineglass. The more legs, indicates more sugar and alcohol content. The smell will help to determine the grape or fruit. The taste will help in understanding the acidity level. The finish is the taste that is left after you have swallowed the wine.