7 Best Paying Cities for Plumbers


If you decided to be a plumber, you should definitely know that you have chosen an excellent career path. However, another thing that you should be aware of is that it’s not an easy one, at all. Besides having to possess lots of knowledge in this area, you also need to be quite innovative, to chase the latest trends, and to know how to perfectly work with your hands. Another, very impressive thing when it comes to plumbers is that it may provide you with enormous benefits, and that you may always choose whether to work for a company or make yourself your own boss. As a plumber, you also have great earning potential, and you might spend lots of time working though, but at least you know it will all pay off. For example, in the United States, the average plumber makes approximately $55,000, and if you continue reading, you will also get to learn what are some of the best paying cities in this regard. However, dealing with plumbing and drain rescuecan also be quite physically demanding, so you should definitely make sure to take care of yourself. But, let us first find out something more about the best paying cities for plumber, and then you may go and get a great massage to help you continue with you amazing heroic work called plumbing!

  1. Nassau County, New York

Remember when we mentioned that the average annual salary for plumbers in the United States is $55,000? Well, Nassau County decided to double it in a way, so if you are a plumber in this area, you may expect to earn even up to $94,730. Amazing, right?!


  1. Walla Walla, Washington

Living in Washington is cool out of many reasons, but if you are a plumber in incredible Walla Walla, your average annual salary may reach the great amount of $86,210.


  1. Springfield, Illinois

It’s almost the same in Illinois, at least in Springfield. If you are having some second thought about this city, you should know that plumbers here earn up to $85,100 per a year.

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  1. Peabody, Massachusetts

The amount of the average annual salary for plumbers in Peabody is $81,900, and we just could not decide what’s more attractive in this city. If you don’t live here, and you plan to move to somewhere, maybe this should be your choice.

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  1. Janesville, Wisconsin

Ok, it’s almost the same with Janesville, as plumbers here earn around $81,250, per a year. It means they really know how to compensate for your hard and decent work!

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  1. Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, New Jersey

Living in this area will provide you with $78,520 annually if you are a plumber, so it’s high time to consider, either moving it there, or if you are already, maybe changing your profession and becoming a plumber.


  1. St Louis, Missouri

We have nothing, but words of praise for St Louis, and we definitely consider it one of the most beautiful places in Missouri, let alone the fact that the average annual salary for plumbers here is $75,250.