7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Engagement Party


For any couple, getting engaged marks the beginning of another chapter in their life together. It is natural for the couple to want to throw a party to celebrate their engagement with family and friends. An engagement party is a perfect avenue to break the news to everyone and also bring together people who you can count on for support as you plan your big day. It is also a good way to bring together both sides of the family for the first time. This gives them the chance to be acquainted with each other. Here are some tips on how to plan an engagement party.

1.      The Date

The Date

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After the engagement, the party should be held not more than 3 months after the engagement day. It should also happen months before the wedding. Make sure that no other event is planned before the engagement party. Bridal showers, bachelor parties, and any other parties should occur after the engagement party and closer to the wedding date.

2.      The Location

The Location

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You can hold your engagement party almost anywhere. Make it into a casual evening dinner party at home or turn it into a party at your favorite restaurant. Alternatively, take it outdoors to the local park or even event center. If you want to host a themed party, consider using unique venues that bring back special memories for the couple.

3.      The Theme

 The Theme

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Once you decide to go all out and have a themed party, you need to decide on the perfect theme. A theme can be casual or elegant. The theme can also be centered on something the couple have in common like a movie they both love, their first date, or even a hint of the actual wedding theme or honeymoon destination. This is how to plan an engagement party.

4.      The Guest List

 The Guest List

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For any party, getting the guest list right is very important. Your guest list will determine the cost of the party, the menu, and even the choice of music you pick. Your engagement party guest list should comprise of very close family and friends. This makes it significantly smaller than the wedding guest list.

5.      The Menu

The Menu

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There should not be any limitations on the items you place on your menu. If it is a casual event, you can include pizza, sandwiches, barbeque, and beer on your list. For a formal event, you can include a buffet or fine dining option. For dessert, you can have a cake that offers a snippet of what to expect at the wedding.

6.      The Decor

The Decor

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You can choose to go with sparse decoration or very elaborate decor. Your decor choice is mostly determined by the theme of the party. You can hire out engagement party decor items from party rentals GTA. Hiring party decor is a great way to cut costs for one-time party decor items.

7.      The Invitations

how to plan an engagement party -The Invitations

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You can choose to print or create e-invitations for your guests. Make sure to send out the invitations at least a month to the party. This gives people enough time to RSVP or send their apologies. This will make the planning process easier for you.

Now you know how to plan an engagement party.