8 Business Benefits of Using an Inbound Call Centre


Start-up firms or small businesses may not have a budget to employee full time front desk operators. Handling inbound calls can be overwhelming when you have to handle all aspects of a business, run daily operations and address phone call queries. Trusting your business with an outside partner can be equally difficult, but responsive communications is an absolute need for any business. Therefore, you have to make a critical decision on what is best for your business. Here are eight main reasons to work with a reputable inbound call centre.

1. Helps to stay focus

Inbound call centres carefully screen and filter calls. They pass on the calls that are serious and are likely to convert into a sale. This will provide you with more time to focus on day-to-day operations and promotional activities for your business. The advantage of the inbound call centre is that calls can be received 24 hours and you can capture every call and every potential customer.

2. Has the latest technology

Inbound call centres are equipped with the latest technology and phone systems. You don’t pay for this in your business. You save money even though you invest money in outsourcing this service. Their technologies can track the number of calls and provide better database management to enhance your business’ sales and lead generation initiatives.

3. Keeping customers satisfied

There is a high level of uncertainty when you have to outsource your inbound calls to an external company. Finding an honest company who values your business and its progress is difficult. Don’t rush into a decision. Take time to search for the right partner who you can build a long-term business relationship with, as they will be the first impression of your business. Find a partner that understands your needs and business goals. Ensure they are committed to keeping your customers happy.

4. Offer efficient response times

You need an inbound call centre that can offer efficient response times without keeping the customer on hold for a long time. The phone call should be answered within two to maximum of three rings and the wait time should be at its minimum. Reputable inbound call centres never compromise on response time.

5. Provides 24×7 services

When you opt to use an inbound call centre, you expect 24×7 services. This can be good for your business as the calls are answered immediately. Your customer always has someone to speak to with queries even on weekends or holidays. A 24×7 call and support line increases the value of your customer care services.

6. Manage high call volumes

As a start-up or small business, you are constantly growing. Call volumes will increase over time, but you may not have the financial resources to hire a full-time receptionist or customer service representative. You may not have the time as well to answer all the calls which will leave a few calls unanswered. Retaining an inbound call centre is the best way to manage the increased call volumes.

7. Maximizing financial resources

An inbound call centre reduces upfront, set-up, technology or equipment costs. You only have to dedicate a monthly fee for the services rendered. This is a known and fixed cost. You have more cashflow and financial resources that can be used for other pertinent business requirements.

8. Increases sales and lead generation

With calls being screened, evaluated and contact information recorded, you can build a database of potential customers. Some inbound call centres offer product and service sales including reservation and registration sales. They can go beyond just answering the phone to assisting your business with telemarketing and sales support.