8 Tips to Take Care of Hair in Winter


Winter is a very tough season for both flora and fauna. Interestingly, the human hair is not spared from this harsh weather condition. To keep hair looking beautiful and properly moisturized, a reputable salon can offer tips and advice to their clients on how to maintain their hair during the harsh, prolonged winter season.

Below are some tips hair salons should consider.

1. Don’t Heat Style

Styling your hair with heat during winter is not recommended. Heat dries up essential moisture. For blowouts, curls and straightening, just air-dry the hair. If you must style it, at least use a protectant. Whatever you do, carefully analyze your hair and choose what you believe is the best approach.

2. Avoid the Shampoo

It is important to avoid shampooing hair often during winter. The shampoo may get rid of the dirt, but it also removes natural oils meant to keep hair soft and healthy. For dry scalps, avoid using shampoo too often during winter since it could make an already unhealthy scalp worse. It is, however, safe to shampoo once a week if you have an oily scalp.

3. Use Moisturizers

Moisturizers help to combat hair dryness during winter. Hair oils help to moisturize dry scalps. Since the aim is to make the hair as healthy as possible, regularly moisturizing it is recommended.

4. Don’t Wash It with Hot Water

When you wash hair, use warm to lukewarm water. Like heat, hot water takes away essential moisture from the hair and scalp. Even when washing hair with warm water, keep the washing period short. Shield your hair from the hot shower at home. During winter, hot water can burn the scalp, making it painful to comb hair.

5. Regular Deep Conditioning

Hair stylists recommend that once or twice a week, you should deep condition your hair with a moisturizing hair mask that is fortified with butter and oils. This is ideal for dry and damaged hair. The aim is to create an environment that supports healthy hair growth.

6. Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is as vital as any other form of body massage. For dry and itchy scalps, massage using coconut oil for great results. This is best done before washing. Besides getting rid of dandruff, it enhances air circulation to the hair roots and ultimately promotes healthy hair growth. The aim of scalp massage is to replenish oils and enhance moisture. When properly done, scalp massage prevents hair damage.

7. Encourage Haircuts

As just about any hair stylist will tell you, winter is the best time to keep hair short. Cutting your hair short during winter helps to control the damage meted on it by the harsh weather. Short hair air dries more quickly and is easy to moisturize and massage.

8. Wear a Hat

To protect your hair from the elements, which can be extremely vicious during winter, it’s best to always wear hats when outside. You can wear a hooded jacket or a beanie as protection as well.

Hair is an essential part of our bodies. More than that, for most women, it’s a source of beauty that most go to great lengths to maintain. The winter season plays havoc on hair. To check potential damage to hair during this season, avoid exposing it to the elements, and as tempting as it may be to wash it with hot water, only wash it with warm to lukewarm water and moisturize it regularly. At the end of the day, if you take good care of your  hair during winter, you can be sure to have healthy, glowing hair all season long.