9 Best Features of a Wooden Watch


Watches are a popular accessory worn by men and women for every and any lifestyle and event. The wrist wearing time pieces come in countless styles and designs. They are worn by men, women, and children, and help us keep track of time. Some wristwatches also have additional features such as calendars, fitness trackers, compasses, calculators, and numerous other useful tools.

While new trends emerge every year in how time jewelry is designed, one trend that has really been picking up momentum is using wood to make watches. Wooden watches are popular accents that can be worn during any day or evening activity.

Wooden watch straps are becoming the top choice in wrist ware for many reasons. Some of the most popular reasons include:

1. Environmentally Friendly

The wood used to design the fashion pieces come from environmentally sustainable forests, meaning for every tree removed, another is planted in it’s place. For the environmentally conscious shopper, wooden watches are the least harmful on the environment.

2. Hypo Allergenic

Very few people are allergic to wood. Unlike other materials used to make straps, this style will not irritate the skin.  Certain metals, rubber, and other fabrics can cause hives and rashes on the dermis.

3. Chemical and Nickel Free

The environmentally friendly accent products do not contain harmful chemicals or nickel that can seep into your skin. Other styles contain harmful elements that are not only dangerous to you, but the earth as well.

4. Heat Resistant

Metallic and rubber straps can get hot when worn during heat sources which can cause burns to the underlying skin. When wrist jewelry gets too warm it cannot be worn. Wooden time pieces do not get hot under heated conditions so there is no risk of burns.

5. Affordable

Wristwatches can range drastically in price from cheap to very expensive. Tree made versions are more affordable than some brand names, making them for accessible to everyone.

6. Beautiful and Stylish

Wooden watches are beautiful, stylish pieces of jewelry that compliment any outfit. The different designs and sizes makes it easy for everyone to find an attractive piece to adorn their wrist. For those who want to stand out as a fashion leader, wooden time pieces are the perfect accessory.

7. They’re Unique

Every piece of material creates a unique piece of jewelry that cannot be duplicated. By purchasing a wooden time piece, you are buying a one-of-a-kind product that is as rare and unique as you are.

8. Durable

Unlike other models that can crack to break, wood watches do not break easily. You will never have to worry if you accidentally bang or drop your wrist ware because it will not get damaged.

9. Long Lasting

Rubber, vinyl, and cloth straps break over time. Metallic pieces can rust and break apart over time as well. But wooden brands do not break so you will not have to worry about your piece falling apart with wear.

Wristwatches are classic pieces of jewelry that have been popular time tellers for generations. They are not only functional, but also fashionable. Adults and children wear time accessories on their lower arm as part of their outfit. Watches come in a variety of sizes, designs, and styles. They are made using different materials including metal, rubber, vinyl, fabric and wood. Wooden watches are attractive, environmentally friendly, and functional accents that are becoming highly sought after by those looking for something useful and stylish. There are many benefits to owning a wooden time piece.