How A DNA Heritage Test Brings People Close to Each Other?


DNA Heritage Test


A DNA heritage test is basically for people who are interested in tracing the history of their family history which is also known as genealogy.

This is a step ahead from the usual documentation where one gets to know all of the histories through pictures or word of mouth (stories) from relatives.

This is also to go beyond the beliefs you have had all your life and gives you a wider idea about where your ancestors came from and the relationship between several families.

A sense of uncertainty and doubt has been clouding you for a while and you need some closure regarding your ancestry. There is nothing better than approaching a DNA Heritage Test and you can even make sensible decisions in handling your health better. The tests could give you an inkling of any illness that has been repeating itself in the genes and you could prepare better for it.

About DNA Test Results


As per the Genetics Home Reference website, a negative result gives you the clear signal that nothing much is there to worry about with health problems. A positive result will give you a wider idea if you need more check-ups and as they say ‘prevention is better than cure.’ A DNA testing is advisable if you are planning a baby with your partner. This will help you out when both the genes are getting together with the birth of a baby.

How DNA Testing Brings People Closer?

Let us try to understand some of the benefits from DNA testing and how it can bring people close to each other:

Journalist Georgina Lawton wrote in The Guardian about approaching a DNA Heritage Test as she wanted to understand her ancestry better. She had been raised by her Irish mother and her white stepdad. She says her features are Eastern African and this pushed her to go for a test.

This gave her a much-needed answer as she traced her roots back to 43% from Nigeria, 1% from Kenya and rest from Great Britain and Ireland (55%). Georgina also mentions the need of sensitizing the new found relationships traces people could find out with the test results. She addresses the need of the companies which conduct these tests doing some preparations for people who are anticipating the results. It can be life-altering.

Georgina Lawton’s article mentions multiple examples of people who had approached the test and have had positive results with it.

The Case of Ayshah Blackman

The case of Ayshah Blackman who resides in London is slightly different from Georgina’s.

She was aware of having both Caribbean and Indian roots to trace back to. The fact that her father had another daughter from a different woman was known to her. He was said to not be in touch with her as well. Ayshah with the help of the TV show ‘The Secrets in My Family’ had traced her half-sister in 2017.

She took the DNA test with the help of the show and had traced her roots back to 43% from West Africa. The rest is from Scandinavian and Native American. The test was an eye-opener to her and understood that she did not have Indian roots to herself.

While the DNA testing and its popularity are catching up, there are several opinions and versions to it. We suggest this test to people who are mentally prepared to know more about their roots.