How to Buy Tires for Your Car: A Guide for First-Timers


In order to get around in this day and age, the right vehicle will necessary for your travels. However, buying a car is not like purchasing your typical groceries at the supermarket. You’ll need to determine your specific needs for commuting, in addition to other factors. More importantly, various factors of the car need to be considered as well.

For example, a vehicle cannot move without the requisite tires on. Tires are one of the most vital components of a car, for more than just the obvious reasons. If you are looking to replace your current tires, or are looking to buy new ones entirely, you need to be informed.

The following is a step-by-step process on how to buy tires online for your vehicle:

What types of tires do you need?

When you buy tires for your vehicle, you need to figure out exactly what you are looking for. There are a plethora of things in life that require you to ask multiple questions. The answers to these questions can help inform your subsequent decision-making process. As such, the same sentiment can be applied to purchasing new tires for your vehicle. First and foremost, you should ask yourself why new tires are needed in the first place.

What types of tires will your car require for your specific needs? Or, how much is in your budget to purchase a new set of tires? As soon as these basic questions are answered in full, you’ll be that much more informed. Sure, you can return a recently-bought set of tires. However, that may be a hassle that doesn’t need to happen if you are prepared at the onset.

Seasonal car tires

Shopping for tires online should be done when you have determined that you need new tires. When purchasing new tires, consider the weather outside. Being on the road while the weather is sunny or snowy can have a huge influence on your tires.

So, if you are planning to drive a lot in the winter, you’ll need to purchase winter tires. Or, if the weather is warming up, you will make the return to regular tires. It all just depends on what the climate will be like, as certain tires will be needed while on the road. Using the wrong tires while driving can drastically reduce their lifespan after all.

Car tire sizes

Since the model of car that you drive will be different than others, the size of the tire will matter. As a result, you’ll need to get a bead on what size of tire will be required. Not only is this important for the proper functioning of the car, but it is also vital for the surrounding parts.

When putting a new set of tires to a car, the proper loads will have to be attached on multiple driveline components. Failure to do this, especially because of a differently-sized tire, will make driving much more awkward. For safety purposes, it is always advised to get the right size of tire first.

All-season tires

For those who prefer to not go through the hassle of switching out their tires, all-season tires may be a solution. However, just because they imply that you can drive them all year, doesn’t mean they all were built equally.

Therefore, you should know about the different types of all-season tires available. High-performance tires provide the driver with a better handling than your usual tires. On the other hand, grand-touring tires grip the road better, which can be helpful for veteran drivers. Knowing your driving style is vital, especially if you plan on purchasing these types of tires.

Speed rating

Although not as important as the preceding factors, knowing your tire’s speed rating is still vital. A speed rating indicates to the driver how fast the tire can go for a specified amount of time. In addition, it also designates the overall performance of the tire, while on the road.

Depending on the make of your vehicle, the speed rating for a potential set of tires will vary. High-performance cars will generally have a higher speed rating on their tries, than mainline family sedans. Try to purchase a set of tires with the proper speed rating designation, before hitting the road.

Tread wear

Knowing how long your potential sets of tires will last is important to consider as well. Known as tread wear, this piece of information comes in the form of a number, which showcases its longevity. The higher the number is, the better overall it will last before you need to take the tire off.

Purchasing your tires can be a bit of a burden, especially if you are a new driver. However, it is important to know which tires should be bought, when they need replacing. Safety is of the utmost importance; the right tires help contribute to that while on the road!