How to Hire A Good Business Analyst


What are the skills required for business analyst? You’ve probably asked this question if you’re looking to hire a business analyst. The truth is, hiring a BA is a completely different ball game from hiring for any other job. This is because they are required to work with a broader subsection of the organization.  They need a wide variety of skills to deliver on their mandate. This is why you need to be very picky during the recruitment process. Here are some tips on how to hire the best business analyst for your organization.

  1. Reconsidering Your Requirements

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The job description of a business analyst can be categorized with that of an IT specialist. One needs to have a number of certifications in different categories to be fit for the job. On top of that, one needs to be a certified BA. By requiring an applicant to have a BA certification, you ensure that anyone who applies is at least qualified for the job. It is also best to consider someone with skills and experience outside the job description.

  1. Make Technical Expertise A Priority

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As much as experience and qualifications from other fields are important and beneficial for a business analyst’s career, the right person for the job needs to completely understand your business needs.  You need to find an individual who has experience in the same sector, even if it’s not in the BA category. This ensures that they have a broad knowledge of the industry and will, therefore, adapt quickly to the working environment.

  1. Hire A Problem Solver

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One of the most important business analyst requirements is the ability to identify problems and offer solutions. The work of a business analyst is overseeing projects to completion. They work alongside clients, project developers, senior management, and the support team. Therefore, they should be able to detect problems and offer lasting solutions that benefit the different parties involved. You need to hire a business analyst that will take a proactive approach to the business. They will show interest in how your system works, identify a potential problem, and offer a lasting solution.

  1. Hire an Assertive Business Analyst

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The best business analyst should have strong communication skills and should also have good interpersonal skills. This is important since a business analyst is required to work alongside different departments and teams. They also need to possess leadership qualities as they are expected to lead projects. They need to have the ability and willingness to pinpoint what’s not working and provide guidelines on the way forward. All this is part of being a business analyst.

  1. They Should Possess Meticulous Organization Skills

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When hiring a business analyst, one of the things you are hiring them for is organization. Therefore, you need someone who is meticulously organized. The best business analyst is one with the ability to go through every step of a project down to the finer details. They should also come up with an organized way of recording the progress accurately to be able to offer sound advice.