How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Garden


Left unchecked, squirrels can turn your garden upside down by eating fruits, destroying newly grown floral bulbs, and stripping off tree bark. There is also the risk of getting a salmonella infection if you come into contact with the feces and urine of the squirrel. If you’re wondering how to keep squirrels out of garden, here are some timely tips to help you along.

1.      Motion Activated Sprinklers

Credit: Pixabay

This is a great way to keep squirrels at bay. The squirrels aren’t harmed and are only scared away whenever they venture into your garden. This helps to protect your garden from destruction. You can purchase a motion activated sprinkler from a local hardware store.

2.      Strobe Light

Credit: Pixabay

Have some strobe lights lying around the house? You can use them to get rid of squirrels in your garden. These lights irritate the squirrels once they come on. Make sure to get a motion activated switch for the lights since you don’t want them staying on throughout the day. The lights can get overwhelming for humans as well.

3.      Squirrel Trap

Credit: Pixabay

Put some nuts, apple slices, sunflower seeds or any other food that squirrels like in a trap near your garden. You can get a humane trap that only catches the squirrel and doesn’t cause any harm to it. Once you catch the rodent, release it in a far-away area.

4.      Hot Peppers and Garlic

Credit: Pixabay

Noxious substances such as garlic and hot peppers are an irritant to squirrels. Mix some finely grounded garlic cloves and hot peppers together in equal parts. Add some water into the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto tree trunks and plant beds to keep squirrels at bay.

5.      Mothballs

Credit: Pixabay

Mothballs give off a horrible smell that can help to keep squirrels out of garden. Mothballs are infused with a substance referred to as naphthalene. This is what gives off the noxious odor. Squirrels will steer clear if you place mothballs in strategic areas of your garden.

6.      Jalapeno Pepper

Credit: Pixabay

Mix some crushed jalapeno pepper, water, and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture liberally over all the squirrel prone areas of your garden. This also comes in handy when you want to get rid of squirrels in your attic. The vinegar in the mixture only adds to the noxious odor.

7.      Aspirin and Peanut Butter

Credit: Pixabay

Wondering how to keep squirrels out of your garden with stuff you can find in your house. You might want to try aspirin and peanut butter. Aspirin is toxic to squirrels so make sure you actually want to kill them before using this method. Crush a few tablets of aspirin to make a fine powder and mix it with peanut butter. Apply the mixture to branches and tree trunks in your garden.

8.      Apple Cider Vinegar

Credit: Pixabay

This is another excellent way to rid your garden of squirrels. Apple cider vinegar is a natural squirrel repellent that can be applied on plants in your garden. Pour some into a spray bottle and spray areas of your garden where squirrels frequent. Squirrels hate the pungent smell of apple cider vinegar.

9.      Fencing

Credit: Pixabay

If you want to go with a fence around your garden to keep the squirrels out, then your best bet is an electric fence. Squirrels will jump or climb over most garden fences. They’ll even nibble through standard wire mesh fencing.

10. Dog Hair

Credit: Pixabay

Squirrels generally steer clear of areas where there might be a predator such as a dog. Hair collected from your pet dog will give off the smell of a predator and keep the pesky squirrels at bay.  Place dog hair clumps at strategic locations around your garden.

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