How to Sell Your Home Fast and Still Make Money


Do you have an urgent need to sell your home fast? Being able to sell a home quickly may mean having less time to find a prospective buyer at a fair price. The entire process of selling a home is expedited, leaving you with tighter deadlines and less room to bargain or maneuver.

How quickly a home sells, and at what price, depends on several factors. In most cases, the time of the year plays a significant role. Another factor is your knowledge and experience with the real estate market. If you work with professional help, you may be able to sell your home fast and still get a great deal on the homes for sale.

If you are on a tight schedule, here are ten ways on how to sell your home fast and still make big bucks:

1. Set the right price when you sell your home

Even though you need to sell your home fast, you obviously don’t want a bad selling price. You have to be strategic when setting the price, so you don’t scare away potential customers. Setting an unrealistically high price so you can lower it later isn’t effective in real estate.

Both buyers and agents can easily access information on homes. This allows them to compare the prices of a wide variety of options. Before viewing a home, they’ll have done their research on the home’s worth.

An overpriced home is likely to stay on the market longer. Lowering the price later won’t help since a potential buyer might think something is wrong with it rather than seeing it as a “deal.”

2. Remove clutter and excess furniture from the home

Having too much furniture can make a home seem smaller, which could make it more difficult to sell your home fast. Try to rent a storage unit, or a self-storage container, and move some of your furniture into it.

Remove knickknacks from all surfaces and pack them. This will instantly make your home seem larger and calmer. Try scaling down the contents in your closets too in order to give the home’s storage space an ample feel.

3. Clean the home before you sell

In addition to removing clutter, a clean home can attract potential buyers. Keep the house clean throughout the day and night. Key areas to clean when selling your home are inside cabinets and appliances, room corners, and bathroom counters. Others include toilets, showers, tubs, closets, windows, kitchen countertops, shelves, the basement, the garage, scuffed walls, baseboards, and doors.

Hire a cleaning company to deep clean your home. This approach is less tedious, faster, and produces better results. For the outdoor environment, keep your yard clean and hedges short. Also, ensure the walkways and driveway are clean.

4. Take great photos that sell your home

Most people start their property purchase journeys online. To reach more potential home buyers, hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home. If working with a broker, the photography is conducted at their expense.

Once you select the best photos, post them online. However, ensure they are subjected to professional photo editing. Professional photos will make a big difference in how to sell your home fast.

5. Spread the word about selling your home

Word-of-mouth is one of the most techniques in order to sell your home fast. Your neighbours are the best marketers. This is because they care about the neighbourhood. Make sure they know it’s available for sale, and that they’re invited to your open house. Share your listing on social media and make sure the real estate agent does so too.

You can also share the news in the neighbourhood Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

6. Repaint the home using neutral colours

Applying a new coat of paint can do wonders for a home’s visual appeal, both inside and out. Go with neutral colours since busy colours and wallpaper can turn off potential buyers.

When selling a home fast, the best approach is to create a neutral palette to allow the buyers to envision incorporating their personal designs in the house. Let people see the home’s space for what it is.

7. Depersonalize your home

You may not have a lot of time to sell your home fast, but make sure you take some time to depersonalize your surroundings. Remove personal items such as children’s artwork and toys so that prospective buyers can see themselves living in your home. Also hide figurines, sports memorabilia, family photos, and political or religious items.

Depersonalizing your home makes it neutral territory. This makes the buyer think more about the house as their home and not the seller’s. Remove nails and repair nail holes after removing family photos and replacing them with neutral art.

8. Spruce up your home’s front yard

A home’s curb appeal is one of the main factors buyers consider when making a home purchase decision. A freshly painted door, a new mailbox and new house numbers can breathe life into an entryway. Fresh landscaping is also a great way of increasing your home’s curb appeal.

9. Showcase your home with natural lighting

The best way to show off your house is by letting the sunshine in. Dark rooms give off a dull mood and make it difficult for the buyer to view the home properly.

Open the blinds, curtains and shades to allow natural light in. For rooms that cannot access natural light, set the mood by placing lamps and other artificial light sources throughout. Buyers might view your home at any time; so, always keep your house well-lit.

10. Make the home available to buyers

Due to busy schedules, buyers might only be available on weekends and evenings. If you want to sell your home fast, make the property available for viewing with little or no notice.

By doing so, this increases the number of prospective buyers interested in the property, so it can sell faster. Be ready to quickly leave so buyers can see the property without feeling pressured.