Six Amazing Places You Must Visit in Toronto By Renting A Cab Service


As Canada’s largest city, Toronto has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and entertainment. Whether you’re a tourist in the city for the weekend or a local looking to explore Toronto, there are few must-sees in the city that everyone should experience. Keep reading for six of the best places you should visit in Toronto.

1. The Hockey Hall of Fame

When it comes to ice hockey, Canada reigns supreme. As the home of the Stanley Cup, Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame should be included on your list of places to visit in Toronto. In addition to the Stanley Cup, the Hockey Hall of Fame features the best hockey players in the history of hockey, as well as several exhibits that visitors can interact with as players themselves or broadcasters.

2. Toronto Eaton Centre

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, the Toronto Eaton Centre has some of the best shopping in all of Canada. With over 235 clothing stores and restaurants, Toronto’s favorite mall sees over a million shoppers a week. As one of the most popular attractions in the city, Easton Centre is a must see by cab when visiting the city.

3. High Park

High park

Love the great outdoors? So does the city of Toronto. High Park is one of the largest public parks in Canada and has a zoo, gardens, and a playground for kids. Visitors can take part in these amenities or have fun in the swimming pool, playing tennis, batting baseballs or hiking through the nature trails.

4. Royal Ontario Museum

One of the best museums in Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum has a wide variety of exhibitions. Containing work from all over the world, the exhibitions in the Royal Ontario Museum feature everything from artifacts of prehistoric people to contemporary pieces touching on biodiversity and modern textiles. If you’re looking for a touch of educational fun, be sure to stop at this museum.

5. CN Tower


Toronto’s CN Tower is one of the most recognizable icons in Canada. Built as a communicator tower in 1973, the 553.33-meter building has a glass elevator that takes visitors up. Those that are riding in the elevator can look at the view from behind the windows or from the observation area. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the fine dining and lights from New York in the distance.

6. A Night Tour of Niagara Falls

While Niagara Falls isn’t exactly in Toronto, you can enjoy a beautiful night tour of the falls by taking a limo from your Toronto hotel to the falls. Ride those few hours to Niagara Falls in luxury in the best limo Toronto has to offer. Once at the falls, you can enjoy a night tour or see the fabulous clubs, bars, and casinos.

Spend your next trip to Toronto by seeing all of these must-see locations. Be sure to try one (or all) of the items on this list as you enjoy Canada’s most popular choices for entertainment and family fun.