The 8 Richest Dogs in the World


It may seem odd that some people are leaving their fortunes to their pets, especially dogs. But this is now becoming increasingly common among the rich, easily those who don’t have family or are not close to their family but love their dogs. Clearly, there is no pet like a dog. Dogs are affectionate and loyal and would lay down their life for you, if required. They hold no grudges, they always forgive, and they are always there to lick you when you are down.

Dogs are a man’s best friend for a reason, and it is no wonder why many people these days leave their fortune to them. Here are the eight richest dogs in the world:

1. Gunther IV: $80 million fortune

Gunther IV is a German shepherd who is worth nearly $400 million. This jaw-dropping fortune was given to him by his rich German countess, Karlotta Leibenstein, who had no children of her own. Karlotta was a pet lover. She initially left $80 million to Gunther III. This huge fortune was passed over to Gunther IV, his son.

Today, Gunther travels all over the world with his owner and lives the life of royalty. When it comes to the richest dogs in the world, Gunther IV is clearly on top of the millionaire dog list.

2. Trouble: $2 million fortune

Trouble is a Maltese lap dog that was owned by real estate billionaire Leona Helmsley. When she passed away in 2007, Leona bequeathed nearly $12 million to Trouble. Later the court cut down this inheritance to $2 million.

After Leona passed away, Trouble was well looked after by his caretaker, flying in a jet to Florida and Arizona every year. On the road, he travels in a Mercedes limousine and gets freshly prepared chicken made by a chef that was hired especially for him by Leona Helmsley herself. It costs nearly $100,000 to maintain Trouble.

Today, Trouble maybe around 20 years of age.

3. Conchita: $3 million fortune

Conchita is probably the wealthiest Chihuahua in the world; his owner. Gail Posner left him a mansion in Miami and $3 million when he died. Today, Conchita lives a pampered and sophisticated life. She is well looked after by her human caretakers. She is driven in a Cadillac for her regular manicures and spa treatment.

4. Pontiac: $5 million fortune

Pontiac is a beautiful and lovable Golden Retriever dog who belongs to 90-year-old Emmy-winning actress Betty White. While has allocated $5 million from her fortune to Pontiac and her other pets. Betty White is known to be an animal-rights activist and is very vocal about her love for pets, especially dogs.

5. Oprah’s Dogs: $30 million fortune

Oprah and her five dogs: Philanthropist and TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey is also a keen pet lover. she started with one dog, but today it is reported that she has five dogs in total – two golden retrievers, one cocker spaniel, and two Springer spaniels. All her dogs have been adopted and have gone from the life of gutter to a life of glitter and gold. It is estimated that these dogs have a trust fund of nearly $30 million in case anything happens to Oprah.

The dogs have been spoiled rotten and are often seen accompanying Oprah on her TV shows. They are among the richest dogs in the world.

6. The Rodenberry Dogs: $1 million fortune

The Rodenberry dogs are owned by the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry and his wife, Majel Roddenberry. Majel died in 2009 and left the dogs nearly $4 million. In fact, the caretaker, Reineida Estupiam, was assigned $1 million by Majel just to look after the dogs.

The dogs are treated as royalty 24/7, travel in luxury, eat high-quality foods, and even attend high powered meetings with their caretaker.

7. Musketeer: $12 million fortune

Musketeer was a mutt owned by oil heiress Eleanor Richey. She had willed $12 million and thousands of shares to Auburn University but under one strict condition: that the University also spend $4.2 million taking care of her dogs, of which nearly 150 were strays.

The last of her dogs, Musketeer, died in 1984, which was nearly 16 years after Eleanor made the will. Only then did the university collect the rest of the money.

8. Flossie: $3 million fortune

Flossie is Drew Barrymore’s dog. Barrymore has placed her home in Beverly Hills, valued at approximately $3 million, in trust for Flossie. This trust was created after Flossie alerted Barrymore about a fire in her house back in 2002.

Keep in mind that not all these dogs became rich because their owners had no family. Many of these people left their fortune to their dogs because they wanted to and not because they had to. Many of these dogs have demonstrated great loyalty to their owner and have been living with them for years.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and for some of these people, these dogs deserve to live in comfort even after they’re gone. Whether is Pontiac, or Flossie or Trouble, these are some of the luckiest dogs in the world.