Top 6 Reasons Why AI is The Future of Mobile App Development Scheme of Things


Artificial intelligence is real and it’s making an impact on the world of app development. Check out the following six ways AI is quickly revolutionizing this industry:

1. AI Means Better Customer Service

With apps that are specifically targeted for customer service, AI is essential. With AI, these apps will be able to utilize the likes of chatbots to interact with users on a 24/7 basis. Instead of manually trying to stay on top of users’ questions, concerns, and complaints, more brands than ever are using AI to interact with customers.

2. More Apps are Taking Advantage of Biometrics

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With biometrics, app developers and brands can measure, analyze, and identify human behavior and the physical structure of the human body by way of voice control, sensory recognition, and analysis of images. Used mostly for security and marketing research, the biometrics process implements AI to provide users with a heightened level of security and brands with metrics that help them refine their marketing techniques.

3. AI Allows Apps to Use Automated Reasoning

Through the use of machine learning and AI, apps can be programmed to reason in the same way a real human might. These apps are capable of analyzing users’ actions as they use the app. This allows apps to give every user a more individual experience. Uber and other ride-sharing apps utilize AI to prompt drivers to take the best route based on the traffic and the particular time of day. This machine learning helps users to arrive at their destination faster, ultimately making the app more effective.

4. Apps Can Learn Purchasing Behaviors with AI

When considering AI for app developments, brands are often interested in using apps to learn the purchasing behaviors of consumers. In order to maximize their revenue from consistent customers, apps are being programmed with AI to use learned purchasing behaviors to upsell products to users of the app. With the likes of in-app messages, push notifications, and emails, users are often encouraged to purchase their favorite products or try new ones.

5. Apps use AI to Offer Recommendations

Due to the fact that 80% of users abandon an app after 90 days, it is necessary for apps to generate new content. That’s where an app’s recommendations come in. In addition to learning the behavior of consumers, apps that are using AI can offer valuable recommendations to app users.

Instead of sending push notifications as reminders to use the app or make another purchase, these apps learn the likes of the users in order to recommend content that they are likely to respond to. By using a learning algorithm, app developers can use the information gained from their users to share recommendations that will boost users’ engagement.

6. AI Creates Quick Content for Apps

The digital world survives on content. However, creating the quick content needed for push notifications and in-app messages can be a time-consuming process. The solution? AI. When using AI, businesses can automate the research, writing, and posting processes of content creation.

Still hesitating to try AI in your app? Don’t. Let these six reasons convince you to use artificial intelligence to take your app to the next level.