Top 7 Reasons Employees Hire Employment Lawyers


An employment lawyer can be very resourceful on matters in the workplace. Toronto employment lawyers are familiar and knowledgeable about all sorts of workplace issues. Therefore, they come in handy when an employee needs legal advice or assistance. Here are the top reasons why an employee would hire an employment lawyer.

1. Review Job Offers

Besides hiring an employment lawyer after losing your job, the legal expert can be resourceful when starting a new job. Therefore, before starting your new job, it’s advisable to consult an experienced employment lawyer to help you review the job offer. For instance, the termination clause of a job offer in the employment contract determines the amount of money an employee is entitled upon termination. Employment lawyers ensure that everything you sign for on your employment contract is best for you before starting the new job.

2. Discrimination and Harassment

Unfortunately, discrimination and harassment are a reality in workplaces. The treatment is illegal, so employment laws are in place to protect employees from such misconduct. An employment lawyer can assist you in finding the best solutions after any form of harassment or discrimination at your workplace.

3. Hostile Work Environment

Employees could benefit from an employment lawyer if their co-workers make their work environment hostile. Such work environments are uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe, reducing productivity. One of the telltale signs that your work environment is hostile is extreme nepotism, public shaming, or acts of aggression. You need an employment attorney to guide you on the necessary legal actions to take.

4. Terminations

A job loss can be stressful, especially when it was abrupt. While employment lawyers might not take away the pain or stress, they can assist you in receiving fair treatment from your employer. The lawyers can also help an employee to receive payouts for their specific situation.

5. An Exit Package Negotiation

If you are considering an exit from your workplace, it’s best to consult with an employment lawyer before exiting. The lawyer ensures that you follow the required procedures to avoid legal implications rather than announcing a speedy retirement. An employment lawyer can work with your employer’s legal team to negotiate a gradual exit and a favorable exit package.

6. Workplace Conflicts

While conflicts at workplaces are common, some are severe. You might need the assistance of an employment lawyer to sort out severe workplace conflicts. Employees might need the assistance of employment attorneys if they face a workplace conflict that prevents them from performing well in their duties. The lawyer will help solve the conflict to get your duties done well to prevent losing your job.

7. Retaliation after Whistleblowing

It helps to hire an employment lawyer if disciplinary actions are taken against you after whistleblowing about a situation in your workplace. The lawyer advises you on the necessary actions based on what the employment law states about whistleblowing. Additionally, your employment attorney should advise on the necessary legal actions.