Unsellable Houses Staging Tips and Tricks


The real estate industry will never be busier. No matter what sort of professional you are in the sector, there will always be business around to tend to. Namely, you will work with a buyer or seller to get a property onto the market. There are various processes and channels to go through, but eventually, this goal will be accomplished.

Throughout the home-selling process, staging will eventually be brought up. Sometimes, this can prove to be more challenging if the home appears to be unsellable. Do not let this dissuade you, as various ways exist to enhance its selling potential.

Remember these tips as you breathe new life into unsellable houses.

Tip #1: Organize the Home

First and foremost, it is important to conduct a current state assessment of how things stand. Naturally, a home seen as unsellable may be a bit rough around the edges. To briefly augment its appeal, you will have to conduct some organization. This entails heading into each space and cleaning up every corner that requires your attention.

Staging requires the seller to be tidy and meticulous at the end of the day. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned regarding this initial organization. Bring some garbage bags with you into each room, and discard anything that is not playing a role. Vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping all play a key role at this stage!

Tip #2: The Curb

When a guest or potential buyer walks up to a home to visit inside, the curb appeal is noticed first. Of course, the appeal itself may or may not be present. In this lens, take some time to invest in its overall presentation. Despite more attention to the interiors, the exteriors remain a vital house feature.

Stagers may recommend putting some fresh foliage in and around the home’s entryway. During specific seasons, such as the summer, brightly coloured flowers make a difference. Other d├ęcor pieces, such as statues or elegant driveway tiling, contribute to the overall presentation.

Tip #3: Furniture Rental

After caring for the exteriors, you must focus on what is inside. As every room in the home will have its approach, it is still key to remember some common themes. Namely, basic furniture sets will play a key role in delivering the ultimate home staging appeal.

If you feel this is too pricey for getting different sets, why not consider renting them? A furniture rental can be an incredible asset, as they can be reused for different property staging purposes. Once you have finished, you can return them and get a full refund. Real estate professionals always use this to make a home’s appeal flourish!

Tip #4: Colour Scheme

An extension of the previous point concerns how the home’s interiors appear. An unsellable home will generally have an out-of-sync approach to its visuals. If this is the case for the property in question, you must give the home a fresh coat of paint. However, you also want to keep in mind the rule of consistency.

Ensure that a base colour is present in each room of the home. Stick with neutral colours like black or white to create a thematic presentation. If the home demands a more unique approach, warmer colours do better in the long run. It brings the home back to life in the least laborious way possible.

Tip #5: Emphasize Features

No matter which property you attempt to stage, every property will offer some amenities. As a result, you should place some emphasis on these features, which could be a huge selling point. Work your way around the features if you wish for them to stand out. From installing new washing machines to solar panel roofing, an old home can be made new again.

Tip #6: Implement Better Lighting

Above all else, the unsellable home you are working with must be properly illuminated. A home buyer is only interested in purchasing a property if they can see its inherent appeal. You may want to use modern apparatuses to improve the present lighting setup.

For example, smart lighting devices can instantly make any home’s interior look much better. Once you install a hub, either mounted on a wall or via a smartphone app, becomes simple to control. Then, the rest of your staging is bound to come to life. It is a simple yet sophisticated approach that enhances any home’s selling potential!