What Exactly is Gastritis and 5 Ways How To Find Relief From The Pain?


Gastritis, also known as Stomach Inflammation is a very common disease. People of all age groups can suffer from this disease. However, it is easily curable in a few days in most of the cases – with the help of a small treatment. Home remedies and doctor’s medication, both can cure it easily in a time period of less than a week.

If it’s chronic, the treatment may go on for a long time – more than a week and the doctor may ask you for a stool and breath test. The stool test will help the doctor know if the stomach is bleeding or if there’s any sign of the blood in the stomach. The breath test will help the doctor to figure out if there is any sign of H. Pylori Infection.

Gastritis is caused when ‘mucous membrane’, the stomach lining is inflamed. The weakness in stomach lining makes it soft. Then the digestive juices take advantage of the loose or soft lining of the membrane and cause damage and inflame the mucous membrane. The stomach lining secretes special cells that produce acid and enzymes that break down food for digestion and mucus – which protects mucous membrane from acids. Absorb biotics can be of real help when you are suffering from gastritis. It needs to be taken into the account that the usage may vary from person to person.

6 Ways To Find Relief From The Pain

1. Antacids


Aspirin, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are some of the common antacids which are easily available and prove to be effective against stomach inflammation. Antacids are good for immediate relief from stomach inflammation which often times is caused after a good, heavy meal. Antacids cure the mild heat burns in the stomach by neutralizing the acids.

One has to be very careful of the dosage of the Antacids, over-dosage can make a person ill with a disease like diarrhea and you may have to see a doctor.

2. Avoid Spices and Spicy Food


Spices are often used in food as taste booster to make the food more delicious. Spices are strong in a sense that, if consumed beyond the limit –  can disturb the stomach and its functioning which in turn can inflame the stomach. The inflammation caused by the spices may have symptoms of vomiting and improper digestion.

2. Avoid Fats


Avoiding fat-rich foods is advisable from doctors as the foods like burger, pizza, pasta or any other fat-rich food. These fatty foods may disturb and irritate the stomach balance and make the situation of your flaming stomach worse.

3. Say No To Alcohol

The yeast present in alcohol with its other constituents can cause itching in the stomach. The itching can further damage the stomach lining and you may suffer from heat in the stomach.

4. Say Yes To High Fibre Foods


Gastritis can be cured with foods rich in fiber. If you’re suffering from stomach heats, you should eat apples, carrot, oatmeal. It is advised to best avoid carbonated drinks and coffee. Caffeine is believed to disturb the stomach. Generally, the doctors ask their patient of gastritis to avoid coffee and all caffeine drinks for the same reasons.

5. Do Not Smoke

According to researchers, if you smoke on daily basis, chances of you having gastritis are much more. The smoke of the cigarette disturbs the system of the stomach and damages the stomach lining. The juices damage it further making you a patient of gastritis or stomach inflammation.