Why Does My Vape Have No Flavour?


Vapes are electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes for short. As the name suggests, they provide similar features as a cigarette but are powered by a battery and release vapour rather than smoke.

When inhaled, the vapour is produced via the heating up of the e-juice contained within the gadget. One of the main benefits of using a vape is that you get to choose the flavour of your e-juice. Many companies provide their consumers with a vast array of options to choose from, to make the process more enjoyable and flavourful.

Sometimes, however, you may not be able to taste the e-juice flavour as well as you would like to. This could be due to issues with the vape itself or even your own body. Either way, being unable to taste the flavour can be frustrating, but it can also be resolved!

Continue reading for suggestions on why your vape has no flavour and what you can do to bring it back!

Low battery

A common reason for the failure of flavour production from the vape could be its low battery. When the device is not powered, it cannot heat up the e-juice to vaporize it. If there is hardly any to no liquid present, then the flavour cannot be carried through.

The solution is pretty simple. All you need to do is repower the vape by changing its pod or charging it if the gadget allows it. After taking care of this issue, you will be able to taste the vapour’s flavours again!

Incorrect vape gear

Another possible reason for the loss of flavor from your vape could be that you need the correct gear. Different types of e liquid require being paired with specific kinds of vape gear so that their flavour can be maximized.

If they have not been properly paired, the equipment will not be able to optimize the juice’s total flavour capacity. You will be left with a vape that generates insufficient flavour.

When buying your vape, ensure the pairing is right, and even play around with the wattage level. Try adjusting it to a higher or lower wattage level to decipher which one is best suited to bring out the taste of the juice in the vape.

Running out of juice

After a while of using your vape, if you notice that the flavour is beginning to diminish, it could be because the e-juice is running out. You might also begin tasting a bitterish flavour when taking in the vapour. When you see these signs, it’s time to throw out this pod and replace it with an updated, full one. The fresh, full juice pod will bring back flavours!

Clean the clogging

Over time, the tank and coils within the vape get clogged up by the accumulation of residue build-up from the vapour and juice. This blockage prevents the coils from heating the liquid the amount it is supposed to. Therefore, the vapour released along with the flavour is reduced.

Cleaning out the tank and the vape coils will relieve them of residue blockage and improve vape function along with flavour release. You may clean it using isopropyl alcohol, or even warm water. If you’re a frequent vaper, consider rinsing it out once a week so you are never low on flavour!

Steep the e-liquid

This point is not so much a suggestion why the flavour of your vape could be improved. Instead, it is a suggestion of how to maximize its flavour. There are various methods to steep your e-liquid, which enhances the flavour. One of them is placing an opened bottle of e-juice halfway into a bowl of warm, but not hot water.

After leaving it to cool, put its cap back on and shake it well to mix it. Another method is to store your e-liquids in a dark and cool place for a few weeks. After the time is up, shake them and enjoy! The last option is to open the juice cap and expose it to the air. This will oxidize the juice and increase flavour intensity.

Vaper’s tongue¬†

Also known as vaper fatigue, a vaper’s tongue desensitizes your tongue due to the overload of flavours from e-juices. The more your taste buds are exposed to these juices at a high intensity, the more likely you will lose your sense of taste. It is most likely to occur when mixing different e-juice flavours, as they line your tongue and numb it from tasting the flavour further.

It could last for days or weeks, so it’s crucial to reduce its effects as soon as you notice the signs. Take it easy to mix the flavours to ease the impact of the juice on your tongue. Drink plenty of water to replenish the lost moisture to your mouth.