12 Best Paying Medical Jobs with the Highest Salary Potential


Careers in health care continue to make up some of the top jobs in Canada. Considering how our population continues to age and will require more health assistance moving forward, health care professionals are going to be called upon to meet the high demand. The best paying medical jobs are largely focused on serving the senior population, although they don’t cover all of the jobs. Some of the best paying family physicians may even have a higher income than lawyers.

Here’s a quick list of what you can expect to find as the best paying medical jobs in Canada:

1. Family physician – $259,000 salary yearly

Family physicians are the best paying medical jobs in North America. Primary care doctors in Canada are in high demand in every province and the price scale matches the need. Those who choose to become a doctor will be settled with a fair amount of student debt to pay off despite having a six-figure salary waiting for them when all is said and done. Although the exact average salary varies per province, it can range to as low as $259,000/year in Nova Scotia to $380,000/year in Alberta.

2. Dentist – $140,000 salary yearly

Dentists are one of the most underrated best paying medical jobs there is. To become a dentist, significant education is required including 4 years of pre-dentistry studies, a university degree from a recognized dental program, and additional training to be licensed provincially to practice. Dentists have experienced tremendous growth both in demand and in salary. The average median salary for dentists in Canada is between $94,000/year to as high as $140,000/year.

3. Nurse practitioner – $104,000 salary yearly

Nurse practitioners are in huge demand by the aging population. They work at hospitals, community clinics, and elsewhere, and could handle everything from vaccinations to delivering babies. Typically, a Master’s Degree is required to become a nurse practitioner in Canada although this varies province-to-province. It’s worth noting nurse practitioners also include physician assistants and midwives. The average salary for a nurse practitioner is $104,000/year.

4. Health care manager – $95,000 salary yearly

Health care managers require extensive education, including a 4-year undergraduate degree, completion of a Masters Program, and a wide variety of programs and credentials achieved. Aspects of health care such as administration, health services, organization, and health policies are fully studied in the education towards this position. Salary for a health care manager has grown by 21 percent in the past five years to $95,000/year.

5. Pharmacist – $93,000 salary yearly

Pharmacists are an underrated part of the healthcare system however in the decades ahead, they are going to become ever more important in delivering various healthcare services to members of the population. A 4-year Bachelors Degree in pharmacy is required with additional apprenticeship hours. The average pharmacist salary has grown by 18 percent in the past five years to $93,000/year.

6. Psychologist – $80,000 salary yearly

When discussing the best paying medical jobs in Canada, mental health doesn’t always get a look. Regardless, psychologists are in high demand. To become a psychologist, one must have a Master’s Degree and/or a doctoral degree in psychology which can take up to 10 years of study. As a psychologist, one will be tasked with assisting Canadians with mental health problems, interpreting how they feel, behave, and think. The average salary for a psychologist is $80,000/year.

7. Occupational therapist – $78,000 salary yearly

Occupational therapists create and oversee programs to help people overcome illness, injuries, and developmental disorders. A university degree is required, as well as some provincial certifications. Wage growth has been consistent in this category of medical employment. The average salary for an occupational therapist is $78,000/year.

8. Registered nurse – $75,000 salary yearly

Registered nurses are increasingly in demand across various community healthcare settings. To become a registered nurse, a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required. Job prospects for registered nurses are excellent although the job is among the most difficult in the medical field with extensive hours required. The average salary of a registered nurse is $75,000/year.

9. Nursing supervisors – $74,000 salary yearly

Nursing supervisors are those who oversee the nursing staff at hospitals, nursing homes, and elsewhere. A nursing supervisor requires a 4-year university degree in nursing as well as an additional five years of clinical experience. The amount of nursing supervisors in Canada has grown by almost 50 percent within the past five years. Salary’s have grown in that same time period by 24 percent to $74,000/year.

10. Dental hygienist – $71,000 salary yearly

A dental hygienist is the first point of contact between a patient and their dental care. A dental hygienist performs any cleaning, scaling, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and more. In Canada, a 3-year diploma is required to become a dental hygienist. This position has an average salary of $71,000/year.

11. Health policy consultant – $65,000 salary yearly

Health policy consultants are those who design and implement policies and programs. In the changing healthcare system, these positions are regularly sought after. Although not inherently medical, health policy consultants are in high demand and with an average salary of $65,000/year.

12. Respiratory therapist – $62,000 salary yearly

Respiratory therapist diagnose and treat heart problems, lung problems, and other respiratory management problems. To become a respiratory therapist, a 3-year program is required in addition to other provincial credentials and experience required. Respiratory therapists have experienced salary growth of 15 percent within the past five years to $62,000/year.