12 of the Latest Trends in eCommerce Industry


It’s no secret that ecommerce is here to stay. If you truly want to stay competitive and to take your business to the next level, you need to have an online presence and be able to sell your products or services online. For the most success, it helps to be aware of the latest trends in ecommerce industry.

Most ecommerce trends are influenced by the way customers shop, by the things they buy, and by the way they respond to the different marketing techniques used by brands and businesses.

Here are 12 latest trends in eCommerce industry, which can help you reach out to your customers and boost your sales.

Trend #1: More customers will turn to online shopping

Online shopping is emerging as one of the most popular trends in the ecommerce industry. People used to hesitate to purchase things online because they were not sure if it was a safe shopping option.

Nowadays, online stores are becoming more and more customer-friendly, shipping options are increasingly affordable and convenient, and as a result, ecommerce sales keep growing and will keep growing in the future.

Trend #2: eCommerce chatbots predict the needs of customers

Ecommerce chatbots powered by artificial intelligence can easily predict the needs and the interests of customers. They are able to provide efficient customer service, and to answer questions instantly. An ecommerce chatbot is a great way to improve the shopping experience of customers, which also increases sales as well as brand loyalty.

Trend #3: Brands are finding alternatives to Amazon

When people think about online shopping, most of them think of Amazon, and many of them choose to shop on Amazon. But more and more brands are now questioning the value of working with Amazon, and are looking for ecommerce alternatives. And there are many empowering options out there for big brands and small businesses alike.

Trend #4: Shipping options will improve

While we are talking about Amazon, let’s realize that the fast and free shipping options they are offering have been changing the expectations of customers. Many online shoppers are now expecting fast and free shipping no matter where they shop.

As a result, some carriers are proposing better shipping options to companies that do business online and want to please their customers.

Trend #5: Distribution centers allow fast and affordable shipping

Many of the latest trends in the ecommerce industry will affect shipping, distribution, and the supply chain. Strategically-placed distribution centers make it easier for businesses to offer fast and affordable shipping to their customers.

Small and medium sized businesses that can’t afford to build their own warehouses shouldn’t worry, since it’s possible for them to find an ecommerce fulfillment and inventory management partner.

Trend #6: Emails are becoming interactive

Emails are evolving to become interactive, and to entice customers to take a look at different products, and even to make a purchase, without having to leave their email inbox. Customers will be able to browse menus, choose the colours and the size of a product, and to leave ratings through the emails they receive.

Trend #7: Visual commerce helps customers interact with a product

One thing that many customers don’t like about ecommerce is that online stores don’t allow them to have a physical interaction with a product before buying it. Visual commerce is an industry trend that makes it possible to add interactive videos, consumer-generated content, and even augmented reality to an online shopping experience.

Trend #8: Brands create content instead of traditional ads

Most customers are being overwhelmed by traditional ads, so the best way to reach them is to create content that brings them some value, or to create unique experiences for them. Customers are more likely to interact with a brand that gives them something valuable, than with a brand that spams them with endless ads.

Trend #9: Mobile payments are becoming the norm

So many people are using mobile devices to go online that it only makes sense for mobile payments to become the norm. QR codes, which were popular a few years ago, are now returning as one of the latest trends in the ecommerce industry, as they are being used by customers to pay for their online orders.

Trend #10: Voice shopping is on the rise

Mobile devices are not the only devices than can simplify online shopping. Many smart speaker owners are already satisfied with voice shopping, and this option is expected to become increasingly popular in the years to come.

Trend #11: Retailers turn to in-person data collection

The data of customers can be collected while they are shopping online, but also while they are shopping in a brick and mortar store. Many retailers use WiFi, sensors, and beacons to identify their customers and understand their shopping behaviours. The data collected in-person can then be combined with the data collected online.

Trend #12: Customers can choose to sell their own data

Knowing that retailers can collect and use your data can sound alarming, but there are actually many customers who are ready to give their own data in exchange for a personalized, unique shopping experience. The challenge, for brands, is to create an offer that will convince their customers to tell them what they need to know about them.