4 Benefits of Regular Hair Salon Visits


Depending on your past experiences, the hair salon can be a place where you feel ready for transformation or filled with anxiety. The anxiety probably had more to do with infrequent visits and unexpected outcomes than anything else. Either way, there’s a case to visit the salon regularly to maintain healthy hair and amazing confidence. Whether you choose to visit every 2 weeks or every 2 months, here are 4 benefits of regularly scheduled visits:

1. Maintain Healthy Hair

Let’s face it, if you bought all of the salon-grade products that they have access to at the hair salon, you’d eventually want to start cutting hair yourself to afford the bill! The greatest value of regular visits is that you get a trained, board-certified cosmetologist to massage your scalp, wash your hair, treat unhealthy roots, trim your ends and use amazing products that make your hair smell like the best parts of nature for days.

Pro Tip: It’s recommended that you get your ends trimmed by a salon professional at least every 4-6 weeks for length maintenance, or 4-6 months, then every 6-12 weeks to see hair growth. Prevent an unexpected hair cut by keeping up with regular trims.

2. Switch Up Your Style

Never get bored with your hair again! While some may opt for the same style each visit, others may go for a big chop or a cool color a bit more frequently. Calling on a professional to create the flavour-of-the-moment for you allows you to experiment, safely with new or bold hairstyles. So if you want to be a trendy pop-star with a short edgy look one week and a surfer with beach waves the next, each visit to the hair salon can create new energy in your life.

3. Boost Your Confidence

Remember the last time you smiled at yourself after getting a new hairstyle? Now imagine you felt that way every 2 weeks. Keeping up with regular salon visits can have you feeling confident, camera-ready and super attractive. Whether you kickbox during the week and want to look great on the weekends for brunch or you teach an online course once each week, keeping your standing salon appointment will keep your head high and your confidence higher.

4. Grow Community

The community fostered in hair salons has been loved throughout hair history. Committing to a stylist is a great way to grow your salon tribe. If you’re open, your hairstylist can become one of your closest friends. They create an environment where the first 3 benefits even exist; healthy hair maintenance, style updates, and higher confidence. The more you regular the visits, the more opportunities you have to create a relationship with your stylist and other customers. After all, you could change someone’s life just by talking to them during your visit.

Keep your hair healthy, fresh and camera ready consistently with regular visits to the hair salon. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more information from Tony Shamas.