4 Best Experiences About A Thailand Holiday


You are thinking about taking a holiday but are unable to make up your mind regarding destination. If you are from North America, places like the Carribean, Europe, and Australia are all popular choices.

Perhaps you have already been to these places or want to dodge the crowds that are usually found in these areas. If this sounds familiar, you should definitely consider a trip to Thailand. Situated in Southeast Asia, Thailand has grown tremendously in popularity among vacationers and it has rarely disappointed. Below are 4 reasons to consider Thailand tours for your next holiday.

1. Weather

Most people choose a destination for a vacation because it will be warmer, allowing them to escape the cold and snowy weather. If this sounds familiar, a visit to Thailand definitely will not disappoint.

Thailand is known for its amazing weather with some months being hotter than others. The sun seems to shine every day in this country, allow you plenty of time to relax on many of the beaches consisting of golden sand and clear blue water. Even when the rain does present itself in Thailand, it comes and goes, not staying long enough to ruin your plans.

2. Sights

When on vacation, you may only be at your destination once in your lifetime. You need to take advantage of the opportunity as much as you can and a big part of this is taking in as many sights as possible. Thailand has many such sights for tourists. In fact, the country has so many that you may not get around to seeing them all.

Thailand is extremely rich in culture dating back to the 11th century. Almost exclusively a Buddhist nation, the temples are a popular sight for many vacationers alike. Thailand has over 1000 different islands to explore, providing you ample opportunity to participate in some backpacking expeditions and explore some of them. This nation is also home to many different types of wildlife you can experience including monkeys and snakes in the various jungles, elephants at the Khao Yai National Park, and plenty of aquatic life on diving excursions.

3. Food

If you are vacationing in a foreign country, you definitely want to try a variety of different native foods. If you will be traveling to Thailand, you will not be disappointed by the food selection. Not only is it considered one of the best in the world, it is also reasonably priced.

Thai food varies greatly from one region to another. This allows you the opportunity to try different dishes as you visit different areas. The food ranges from tangy to spicy, allowing it to appeal to many different tastes and it is always cooked from fresh ingredients. With dishes such as noodles, curries, seafood, and native fresh fruit, you will definitely eat well and have a satisfying selection of food during your stay in Thailand.

4. The people

Some countries of the world are known for their cold and unwelcoming personas. This makes visitors reluctant to enjoy being out in public in these places and hesitate to mingle with locals. Luckily, Thailand is not one of these places.

Thailand is notorious for its friendliness and hospitality. Thai people are known to go out of their way to help visitors and always do it with smiles on their faces. As a result, Thailand is often called “the Land of Smiles”. Whether you are interacting with a police officer, guide, or waitress, he/she will welcome you with open arms and make you feel welcome in his/her country.