7 Business Features of Field Service Management Software


Running your business will be made a lot easier if you have a reliable piece of field service management software to keep track of everything that’s going on.

Whether you’re sending plumbers, electricians, or salespeople out on jobs, a good software package will help you operate more efficiently and smoothly.

1. Calendars

Many field service management software programs will offer a calendar feature. This means that as a business owner, you can monitor what your employees are doing when they are out in the field and assign them with tasks to complete.

As an example, you could use the calendar to set up appointments for an electrician who attends several jobs over the course of the day.

Since the software works instantaneously, you can also find out from them when they have finished an appointment and assign them further work.

2. Invoicing

If your workers are spread out in the field, it only adds more hassle to their busy days if they have to come into the office to submit invoices. This problem can be resolved by a good field service management software package, which will contain the option for employees to file their invoices electronically.

This will also make your life easier, since it will cut down on paperwork. Additionally, you’ll know that all of the invoices are saved in one place, making them easier to find.


As with invoicing, the ability to send quotes via the management system offers many advantages. Do you run a business where builders or plumbers are regularly pricing potential jobs? If so, you’ll be able to access the quotes as soon as they’re submitted and talk directly to your employee about them while they are on site.

4. Instant communication

Many software packages contain various features allowing you to communicate directly with your staff in the field. These could include sending SMS messages and emails, or using a live chat.

With many software packages being compatible with mobile apps, your staff will be able to communicate with you wherever you are. This means quicker response times and the opportunity to react quickly when changes or problems arise.

5. Filing reports

Field management systems come in handy if you have workers filing reports from the field. Some packages can be pre-loaded with standard reports to be filled in, such as an assessor’s report for an insurance company.

In addition, the software may also offer an option enabling a worker to upload their own report from the field, allowing you to get the data more quickly and saving them the trouble of handing it in in person.

6. Satellite tracking

This feature will be especially useful if you work in a field where the location of your workers plays a big part in the service they provide. Take, for example, a taxi company with 50 drivers. With satellite location, you would no longer need to radio a driver to find out where they are. Instead, you could locate the nearest driver to the next job you have received and assign it to them. That won’t only be easier for you, but will result in a shorter wait time for the customer.

7. Cost

The amount you’ll have to pay for field service management software depends on the size of your operations and the features you want in your package. Some providers offer a free version of their software for small businesses that may contain a limited number of features.

However, if you run a bigger company or want to take advantage of the wide range of features on offer, you will have to pay a user fee. That being said, it will be money well spent given the many benefits that the software package will bring to your business.