7 Things a Business Law Expert Can Do for You


Business attorneys are there to help companies with all types of legal matters, but in addition to providing advice and assistance on contracts, mergers, and other property settlements, the right business law expert can do so much more. If you’re curious how these professionals can help you, below are seven ways that should not be overlooked.

1. Offering Basic Business Advice

Business attorneys are often like auditors, and they can provide basic advice on matters related to billing, logistics, cash flow, and even basic bookkeeping. They won’t overstep their authority and give you advice about areas they’re not familiar with, but they can provide a lot of help in numerous areas that are important to you and your company.

2. Help You Get the Assistance You Need

If you do run into a snag and your business attorney cannot provide the help you need, he/she will usually know of another lawyer who specializes in that area of the law and can benefit you greatly. Lawyers know a lot of other lawyers, so your attorney can always recommend the right lawyer for you to work with. Visit Hoffer Adler for additional resources.

3. Getting Assistance During Tax Season

Attorneys who specialize in business law can help you save money on your taxes because they are experts at a wide variety of bookkeeping and tax issues. Whether you trust your accountant or want another set of eyes looking at your financial documents, these lawyers can be true miracle workers every time.

4. A Good Source of Reference

If you need another type of professional – for instance, a real estate agent, financial expert, or architect – a business attorney will usually be able to recommend one to you. Professionals are usually familiar with other professionals’ reputations, so they can help you find a competent expert for any reason.

5. Helping You Recover Some of Your Debt

A good business lawyer can send official letters to people who owe you money for a product or service, regardless of the circumstances. Rather than taking that individual or company to court, you can trust your business lawyer to help recover those debts by contacting them on official letterhead, which works in a lot of instances.

6. Becoming the Negotiator You Need

Above all else, attorneys who specialize in business law are great negotiators, which means they can help you by discussing a contract with the other party, striking the perfect deal with a client, or any other type of communication needs. Having a negotiator on your side whose goal is to try and get what you want out of the deal is truly priceless.

7. Helping Your Relationship with Public Authorities

Public authorities are often overworked and, therefore, don’t have the time to provide you with the services you need and deserve. An experienced business lawyer can step in and help because they understand the language of these companies, can submit formal requests

and documents so that the public authority takes you more seriously, and even be the perfect liaison so that the matter gets tended to quickly.