8 Best Ideas for Decorating Your Small Bedroom


When it comes to interior decoration, most of us are thinking about common areas, such as a living room or a kitchen, while the bedroom is often neglected. This is totally unjustified, given that it is the main spot for relaxing and renewing energy -which we all desperately need every day! Still, people who live in small apartments usually have small bedrooms or improvised spaces in the apartment they use to sleep, and they think they cannot do absolutely anything to turn this corner into an incredible place. On the other hand, many people think that decorating and arranging space cannot be done without a large budget, and mostly give up because of lack of money or some other priorities. Only furniture and lighting can cost hundreds of dollars, let alone carpets, technology and other things. However, to decorate your bedroom, no matter how small it is, and no matter how limited your budget, you really need a little bit of everything but mostly your amazing creativity. When you decorate your room, that’s usually it! You don’t need to think about possible reparations or calling a plumber every month, like you sometimes need to do with your kitchen or bathroom. Make sure to read our list of best ideas for decorating your small bedroom and turn your space into a piece of heaven.

  1. Night light

Choose a lamp according to the size of the bed. If your bed is big and luxurious, high lamp will perfectly fit, while for a smaller bed, it is better to choose a smaller lamp.

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  1. Ideas for painting the walls

Use different variations of your favorite color for a layered interior impression. Wall colors can be darker tones, and blankets and mats lighter tones of the same color.

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  1. Decorative pillows for comfort

Only one pair of pillows can make the interior look incredible. Fill in the space with several decorative pillows of different colors, and you will see the difference.

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  1. Smart use of space

Wall-mounted shelves and wall-mounted lamps leave more space for other items and are easy to be fixed. In this way, you both decorate and save your space.

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  1. The trick for more light in the room

If you have a small window and you do not get enough light in your bedroom, paint the ceiling lighter in contrast to the walls and the room will look more spacious.

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  1. Small changes for great effect

If you want something new, but your budget does not allow large changes in the interior and new furniture, get new bed sheets and feel as if you are lying in a new bed.

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  1. Details that give a special charm

Empty walls can be boring. Instead, you should put some photographs or old movie posters and complete the overall impression of your bedroom.

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  1. Mirrors for visually larger space

Although it works obviously, many forget how often a mirror can affect the interior of the room. The mirrors are a practical but also a delightful decoration that will contribute to the aesthetics of your bedroom. In addition, mirrors can visually increase small spaces.

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