6 Bathroom Plumbing Problems That Will Drive You Up the Wall


The bathroom is one of the most utilized spaces in any home. Chances are that you will encounter a plumbing problem in your bathroom a few times in your lifetime. Unfortunately, plumbing is one of those household necessities that most people don’t think about until there is an issue. A simple plumbing complication can make drainage a problem around the house. Therefore, it is important to undertake plumbing maintenance checks every once in a while. Failure to do maintenance checks means that you only learn there is a problem when it gets out of hand. Here are some bathroom plumbing problems you need to look out for.

1.      The Absence of Hot Water

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There is nothing more soothing that finally being able to take a warm bath after a long day. If your shower or taps can no longer dispense hot water, then this is an indication of a plumbing issue in your bathroom. However, it is important to understand that you can run out of hot water from running the dishwasher or the washing machine. Even so, if the problem does not resolve after a few hours, you need to contact a plumber.

2.      Leak from Pipes

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If you have pipes that are leaking, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Leaking water from faulty pipes can easily damage your walls which will require expensive repairs to correct. In addition to the damage done to your home, dampness on the walls causes the growth of molds which is harmful to your health.

3.      Dripping from Taps

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One of the most annoying sounds you can hear around your home is that of a dripping tap. If you find that your bathroom tap is dripping even when it is turned off, you need to fix it. Dripping taps are an indication of an underlying tap fixture problem that should be handled as soon as possible.

4.      Leaks in Your Toilet

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If you suddenly notice water on the floor of your toilet, it is an indication of a leak. This is one of the most annoying bathroom plumbing problems because there is always a puddle of water around your toilet bowl. A leaking toilet is an indication of a problem with a gasket. Left unchecked, this problem can lead to damaged flooring and also poses a slipping hazard.

5.      Clogged Toilet

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This is one of the worst household malfunctions. It is also a very embarrassing scenario for the person who flushes the toilet last. Clogging in toilets can be caused by different issues that include flushing down anything that is harder than a tissue paper. In some cases, clogging in toilets is as a result of a plumbing issue in another area of your home. Fortunately, a reliable Drain Rescue plumbers can help correct the problem.

6.      A Running Toilet

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This is probably one of the most annoying plumbing problems you will have to deal with in your home.  Fortunately, it is an easy to fix plumbing problem and doesn’t cost much. Call in a plumber soonest possible.

The best way to avoid any of the above problems is by having a plumber perform maintenance checks regularly. This way, problems can be caught early enough and repaired before they get out of control.