8 Reasons to Buy Yourself an Electric Bike

The electric bike is an ideal alternative to traditional transportation methods.  These bikes are compact, efficient and environmentally friendly. We’ve outlined below the top reasons why investing in an electric bike is a smart decision.

1. You’re in Control

If you happen to rely on public transit to get around, you can understand how unreliable and time consuming it can be. Rather than continuing this struggle with public transit, you should consider getting an electric bicycle. Owning a bike means you’ll be able to get control of your commute and not have to worry about delays ever again.  Plus, you will likely be able to get to your destinations in record speed. That’s because, an electric bike is permitted to use the cycling lanes even though it has a motor.

2. Ideal for a City

Electric bikes are the perfect solution for urbanites in search of a new transportation method. That’s because, these bikes are lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver. Being able to maneuver around cars, pedestrians or anything else that comes your way will make commuting a breeze.

3. They’re Stylish

Electric bikes are designed with style in mind. The majority of bikes hide the technical parts in the frame which makes for a sleek design. Electric bikes are also offered in a variety of different colors, models and styles.

4. More Efficient

When compared to traveling by car or transit, an electric bike means you won’t have to worry about parking or traffic. An electric bike will also get you to your destination faster than a standard bike. The motor that moves the bike is used to help propel you faster than peddling alone. This makes for an easier and quicker ride every time.

5. Cost Effective

From parking to gas, maintenance, and repairs; owning a car can be expensive. That’s why, switching to an electric bike can save you thousands a year. The only expense you’ll have to deal with is the cost of electricity to charge it. Electric bikes also eliminate the need to worry about the parking costs or gas.

6. Easy to Store

Having to store a large vehicle can be difficult. Many people do not have additional space in their home to accommodate large items, nor do they have the money to pay for storage. But, an electric bike is compact enough that even small homeowners can accommodate it. Certain models of electric bikes also have the ability to collapse. This means, you don’t have to worry about leaving your bicycle outside where it is vulnerable to thief’s.

7. Numerous Health Benefits

Using an electric bike to commute has a number of health benefits associated with it. Even though the bike has a motor to assist you while peddling, you will still be getting exercise by simply moving the pedals forward. Rather than sitting in a vehicle, you will be burning calories and getting fit every time you use it. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the stresses associated with commuting and sitting in traffic. In turn, improving your overall health and well being.

8. Environmentally Friendly

Using a bike to commute can drastically reduce your environmental footprint. When compared to a standard car, an electric bike drastically reduces the amount of CO2 let out during a commute. An electric bicycle also requires less metal, and fewer materials to produce. Therefore, it makes for a more sustainable method of production when compared to that of a car.