How to Financially Prepare for Divorce


When it comes to forming a relationship with a partner, there are many experiences to become acquainted with. The rapport you form with your partner is something that can last a long time, well into your twilight years. Like anything else, relationships, and marriage, take a lot of work to maintain.

Should your marriage deteriorate to no return, it may be time to consider getting a divorce. Going through this type of separation can be draining, especially on your emotions. The financial aspect is a part that many couples may not be ready for either.

Here is how to financially prepare for divorce:

Prepare divorce tasks

Divorces usually just don’t come out of anywhere. There is a buildup of many attitudes and actions before the decision comes to light. If you and your partner finally decide to leap, it may be time to get organized. That is because there are many tasks to get done before the separation.

For example, you should look at what assets are in your possession. Your liabilities may also have to be reviewed so that the finances are in order before you lawyer up. Not only can this be a transparent look at what is yours, but it helps your confidence going forward. Start the divorce process by consulting with a professional lawyer like Bombardieri Family Law, who can guide you through the process.

Prepare bank accounts

Getting married is an exceptional milestone in your life, as mentioned previously. There may then come when you and your partner decide to do things together. This may have to do with opening a joint bank account in the financial aspect. When divorce comes around, these accounts need to be reviewed.

Since you are legally becoming separated, the utility of these accounts will no longer be needed. As a result, make sure there is a transparent conversation with your partner about where the funds will go. The amount of money sent to you may have to be discussed with a legal representative.

Prepare credit

The same sentiment also applies to your credit. Many couples may open up a joint credit account to pull from it when necessary. Once a divorce has been announced, there is no longer a need to have this joint credit account in check. As such, make sure there are rules established for how to proceed.

For example, to close the joint credit account, there need to be both signatures on the required documents. Only then can both individuals proceed with ending the account for good. Any credit used up should be paid off in full before moving ahead with the divorce process.

Prepare investments

One of the trickiest parts of the financial area in divorce processes has to do with investments. As a couple, you may decide to pool your monetary resources towards an asset of some kind. If this asset turns out to be profitable, you could benefit from it long-term.

Divorce means that, ultimately, these investments will have two options for the most part. They could end fully, or they can be split between both individuals. Any trading assets that are currently ongoing may also have to be frozen or halted indefinitely. This will ensure that nothing goes over your head in the short and long term.

Prepare your will

Marriage can also mean that your will may be changed, depending on who was originally included. Since a divorce means that this document may no longer have the same validity, it is crucial to review it. It is important to discuss this with a legal professional depending on where you live.

You may also want to have your power of attorney checked out. Sometimes, couples may have both of these contracts going hand-in-hand. Since you are moving out on your own at this point, it doesn’t hurt to have it reviewed.

Prepare a network

A good lawyer is necessary at all stages of a divorce process. These professionals will be able to analyze all of your assets and determine what areas you are entitled to. However, they are not the only professionals you should look to when traversing divorce. You should also look to have a bookkeeper in your corner as well.

A good accountant should also review your books well before the separation occurs. These parties will work with your lawyer to leave no stone unturned. Remember, divorce can be messy, especially where finances are considered. You are, however, entitled to having monetary resources in your account after the result is finalized!